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About Fenix

Fenix has been an innovator in the lighting industry since 2005 and has since become the preferred source for those that need high-quality personal lighting tools for work or play.

As the original retailer of Fenix products in the US, Fenix Store is the oldest and largest officially licensed retailer of Fenix products in the world.

Our core mission is to serve you, our customer, and help you select and use these high-quality Fenix lights in whatever environment you're in and for whatever purpose you need. As a veteran-owned business, we are fanatical about providing the highest level of customer service possible and have a strong record of performance as seen in the thousands of 5-star reviews that our amazing and loyal customers have left us. We also provide warranty service and repair for our wide selection of Fenix lights. Warranty servicing is done in our domestic service center allowing quick turnaround times for most repairs. Fenix customer satisfaction is our top priority and we will do everything we can to assist our customers with finding a suitable flashlight and making sure that they are happy with it for years to come!

Fenix Flashlights

Fenix releases upgraded LED flashlights with the newest technology to support our ever-growing demand for performance lighting tools every year. Fenix remains at the cutting edge of the always-changing flashlight industry. In a world where technology changes so quickly, we stay on the front lines, pushing new innovation wherever possible. We service various professional and recreational industries, including law enforcement, safety professionals, wildlife conservation, pest inspectors, correctional officers, security guards, oil & gas, engineering, telecommunications, aviation, construction, facilities management, manufacturing, medical, military, chemical, transportation, rail, home inspectors, search and rescue, geological research, and many more!

Fenix-Store offers a variety of flashlight series to accommodate the myriad demands of the many industry professionals that use Fenix lights worldwide. The most popular PD series provides a selection of versatile & well-rounded flashlights engineered with diversity in mind. These lights are great for anyone from the police officer, to the lineman, to the dog walker. The TK series offers a tough lineup of truly tactical flashlights engineered, focusing on reliability & stopping power. The LR series consists of high lumen & portable searchlights. You’ll find some of the brightest flashlights available in this series! Finally, the E series is dedicated to the everyday carry flashlight enthusiasts looking for lightweight & compact illumination tools at great, affordable prices. The E Series has something for everyone, from keychain lights to compact EDC superstars.

Fenix Headlamps

Over the years, Fenix has also developed a seriously advanced line of LED headlamps. With a focus on hands-free illumination, Fenix headlamps are designed for activities including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, mining, industrial professions, caving, skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, and more! Anywhere that you need a light plus two hands is a place for a Fenix headlamp!

Whether you are looking for a super bright headlamp for exploring or looking for long-lasting battery life for multi-day camping trips, Fenix headlamps are manufactured with the highest quality materials & with the end-user in mind. When designing a Fenix headlamp, our engineers consider comfortability, durability, brightness & ease of operation. Plus, with various models for different uses and with varying battery types, there is a Fenix headlamp for every situation you might encounter. Our headlamps are sure to impress anyone that sees them in action!

Fenix Lanterns

Built to withstand the harshest conditions, Fenix lanterns are perfect for avid outdoorsmen, campers, tradesmen, and homeowners. With a wide range of brightness output, some of these lanterns can also serve as a power bank for your electronics and are rechargeable. Each Fenix lantern is ready to handle any adventure, hot or cold, remote or near-home. You can choose between larger lanterns like the 650 lumen Fenix CL30R or smaller portable lanterns such as the Fenix CL26R, including micro-USB recharging and red light outputs. Lightweight or ultrabright, we’ve got a headlamp for you!

Fenix Bike Lights

Fenix Store also has a line of performance cycling lights with unique features. Whether you are mountain biking through the foothills of Colorado or an elite road cyclist hammering out a few hundred miles a week, our Fenix bike lights are sure to impress. We also have a bicycle tail light designed to improve on-road safety at night! Our lights are seen in all walks of life and have been used by professionals in bike races worldwide.

Our brightest bike light is the Fenix BC30 V2.0, with an impressive 2200 lumens, a dual distance beam system to illuminate far ahead and up close, and a robust run time for longer journeys. In addition, this light features a wireless remote switch for easy and quick use from anywhere that is comfortable. We also have our ALB-10 quick-release bike mount to modify the positioning on your bike.

Fenix Store

Fenix Store is the original, oldest, and largest retailer of Fenix products in the world. We've been providing our customers with great Fenix products and great service since 2006. To take advantages of the unique customer benefits that we offer, we encourage you to sign up for our loyalty program and email newsletter to get the best deals and latest updates on newest releases and special offers.

Also, If you feel like we can improve on something (anything!), please contact us via phone or email and let us know what's on your mind. We always appreciate your feedback and we're here to answer your questions and assist in any way we can.
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