Fenix E15 - A high powered compact flashlight

The Fenix E15 is one of the most High powered compact flashlights you will ever own. This light is a single battery LED flashlight that's great for at home use or to keep in your car. It is small and compact but really bright.

This was released late 2015, and it's an upgraded model from the previous edition that was only 120 lumens. Now it's been given an upgrade to 450 lumens on a single rechargeable CR123. It's just under three inches long, making it a very compact LED light that has a twist head operated. You can change between four brightness outputs.

Batteries Used

With the Fenix E15 you can use a rechargeable CR123, otherwise known as a 16340 battery. If you use the rechargeable 16340, it will increase the lumens 450 lumen output, making it a high powered flashlight in a very compact size. Otherwise if you use a non rechargeable it's only 270, which is still very good for a single battery flashlight. This flashlight is still made out of the high quality aircraft aluminum and uses a Cree XP-G2 R5 white LED and has a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours. It's got an anti-abrasive finish, uses a high efficient lens with total reflective coating. This light makes a very popular choice for bug out bags, emergency kits, and keychains because it's very portable and it’s high output.

So going over the brightness intensities, first off I do want to say that does not have an intelligent memory circuit. So it's always going to come on in the low mode. And it is a twist head operated light, it does not have a tail switch. All you do is twist the head back and forth to achieve your desired brightness setting in succession. Now since this light can use two different types of batteries, I'm going to go over each output and run time. Since it's always going to come on in low, I'll go over that first. So the low setting with the non rechargeable CR123 battery is 8 lumens, has a 72 hour run time. On the 16340, it still is going to give you 8 lumens on the low setting, and it's going to run for 40 hours on that rechargeable 16340.

The medium output on both batteries will give 50 lumens on the output. However it's going to be 12 1/2 hours run time with the CR123, whereas the rechargeable 16340 would be 9 hours and 25 minutes. Next it would be the high setting, which both are going to be 110 lumens with both batteries. The CR123 is 5 hours and 5 minutes, whereas the rechargeable 16340 is 3 hours and 15 minutes. Next would be the turbo, which is going to be the brightest setting. This will be about 1 hour and 20 minutes on the CR123 for 270 lumens, and with the rechargeable 16340 it would be 450 lumens with the run time of 55 minutes. So you do sacrifice run time with the brighter setting.

Beam Distance

Now the beam distance on the turbo setting is 433 feet, which is actually farther than I expected on this single CR123 battery with this flashlight. Now when your voltage does get low, it does have a reminder to let you know when the battery needs replacing. Once your battery gets drained, you'll notice you will no longer be able to access the turbo mode since the battery can no longer support it. You would not notice any increase in brightness between the turbo and high setting. So that'd be the easiest way to tell your batteries are getting low and it's about time to swap them out. The flashlight also has overheat protection to avoid high temperatures on surface. If it does get too hot, it will drop down to the next brightest mode, which is similar with Fenix flashlights all across the board with the LEDs. They have a tendency to get warm of course on a higher output over a period of time. Once it cools down, you will be able to increase to the higher outputs after that.

Now the flashlight does have a built in reverse polarity protection, so it will protect you against installing the battery incorrectly. The rear or bottom of the light has a flat surface, so you'll be able to use it to tail stand on top of a table. The Fenix E15 has IPX8 waterproof rating, allowing for underwater submersion for 6 1/2 feet for about 30 minutes, which is about 2 meters. This compact light, it's so small you may even forget you're carrying it. However, once you turn it on, you know you're going to be blown away, so it's a very good addition to your EDC collection here.

Overall length is exactly 2.6 inches long, 0.7 inches wide. It only weighs in at two ounces with the battery in it. As we mentioned before Fenix E15 is a small and compact high powered flashlight that is perfect for any Everyday Carry situation. With this new LED in it, really makes a great simple easy to operate flashlight for home use. This light is available online at fenix-store.com, where you get free shipping inside the United States. The purchase price is $29.95

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