Fenix Everyday Carry (EDC) flashlights of 2019

Today we're going to talk about EDC, flashlights for everyday carry. These are great options for everybody because they are pocket size, but also pack a punch. For example PD35 V2 is a great EDC flashlight. It's pocket size and has a body clip. It's good to have with you at all times.

It's made with a CREE XHP-L HI V3 LED and has 1000 lumens, so even though it's rather small, it's still packs a punch. The PD35 V2 EDC Flashlight is one of our most popular. It has 430 hours of run time, It also has an upgraded metal side switch that is rose gold color, which makes is trendy. It's only 5.4 inches, so it makes it easy to carry. If you go on a night hike or for just a general walk, the battery level indicator shows you on the metal side switch a green or red light so you can easily tell if your battery is low. It's definitely one of our most popular EDC flashlights.

It requires one 18650 battery. The most popular 18650 battery is our ARB-L18-3500mAh, but we have all different levels of capacity. The chargers that are good for this PD35 V2 EDC flashlight are the ARE-A2 and ARE-A4 chargers. Your light comes with a pocket clip and PD35 holster, Lanyard, and spare rubber boot. We also have our UC35 V2.0, which is a USB rechargeable flashlight.

The Fenix UC35 V2.0 EDC Flashlight actually has a micro USB port right on the flashlight itself. It also comes with an 18650 3500mAH battery that can also be used on the the Fenix PD35 V2.0. The UC35 V2.0 also has the green and red battery level indicators on the metal side switch. It also has an inner waterproofing treatment in the charging port. The UC35 EDC flashlight has a maximum beam distance of 872 feet and 800 hour max run time.

The metal side switch is an oxidation resistant stainless steel like the PD35. And they are both waterproof for up to two meters underwater. If you are looking for something a bit smaller, I would suggest th Fenix E16 flashlight. It was one of the most popular flashlights during our 2018 Christmas season at only two inches long. It's perfect to just throw in your pocket or your purse. It also comes with a clip you can attach to your jeans or your pants, you could even carry it on a keychain. The E16 flashlight is controlled by just one switch. You just press and hold for 1 second seconds to turn off and on, and it's tiny so you can take it everywhere. Even though it is so small, it has 700 lumens. It comes with a lanyard, a key ring, a spare o-ring, a user manual, a warranty card, and an information leaflet.

The E16 EDC flashlight is also great for hands free use because it has a magnetic tail, so you could hang it anywhere. Another EDC flashlights similar to the E16 is the Fenix E18R. It's just as popular. It has 750 lumens and like the e16 it has a magnetic tail. Additionally, it also has a magnetic charging. In fact, it comes with a magnetic charging cable. The Fenix E18R has a cree XHP-L HI LED and it comes or the ARB -700p battery. Don't fret about the amount of power, the 750 lumens that are coming out of this E18R won't cause any damage, it have intelligent overheat protection.

Let's talk about EDC Flashlights that AA batteries like the E12 Flashlight. It's a perfect EDC flashlight that has max 130 lumens. You can carry it easily on your keychain. One single AA battery powers it, however, it still has 130 lumens and it can reach to 188 feet in throw distance. The E12 Flashlight has three different output settings, low, mid and high. The low is the 8 lumens, mid is 50 lumens, and high is the 130 lumens. The EDC flashlight utilizes a cree XP-E2 LED. The E12 is also waterproof, up to two meters for 30 minutes. Another EDC flashlight that was very popular this past 2018 Christmas season was E05 which only requires one AAA alkaline battery.

It was a great stocking stuffer option as it comes in three different colors, blue, purple, and black. It has a special broadbeam Lens. It has three brightness levels. The E05 edc flashlight is very small. It's only 6.6 centimeters long, and it would be lightweight for a keychain. To change the mode to just twist the top. It has a twist switch so it makes it easy and reliable. It provides just enough brightness to get everyday jobs done. The EDC flashlight is definitely a great option and great to give as a gift as well. One more EDC flashlight I'd like to talk about today is our Fenix LD02 V2 LED penlight with the UV lighting. It comes with the 70 lumens of a warm light or 200 milliwatts of UV light. The LD02 EDC flashlight will fit perfectly in a front pocket, just like you would put a normal normal sized pen or a pencil. It requires one alkaline AAA battery, which is included in the purchase.

The LD02EDC Flashlights are very reliable. It's also durable because the head and the tail switch are made out of stainless steel. The LD02 EDC flashlight is also very easy to function because it has one tail switch, so it makes it easy to operate. Believe it or not, the little LD02 light is also a submersible up to two meters underwater. When purchasing a Fenix LD02 EDC flashlight you receive one AAA battery, a spare o-ring, user manual Warranty card and information leaflet. Well, that is all the time I have for today. We appreciate your business here at Fenix-store.com.