Fenix HP25R V2.0 Brightest Headlamp

The favorite Fenix HP25R has been long overdue for an upgrade and Fenix just announced what we've all been waiting for! The Fenix HP25R V2.0 is here! While it has many similarities to its predecessor. The HP25R V2.0 has a lot of upgrades from the lumen output to the battery to the charging function. So let's not waste any more time and get right into the features of this Fenix headlamp.

Best Headlamp Delivering 1600 Lumens

The first upgrade you'll probably notice is that the HP25R V2.0 is one of the brightest headlamps delivering 1600 lumens. It features both a spotlight and a floodlight. The spotlight allows you to see every corner of a very large area or allows you to see further in the distance whereas the floodlight is going to be perfect for up-close work. This makes it an excellent headlamp for professionals.

Another difference you may notice between the HP25R V2.0 versus the HP25R is the fact that it weighs less. While the weight difference isn't that much, it's always impressive to see Fenix continue to come out with lightweight compact flashlights that deliver more power. The HP25R V2.0 comes with a battery case that hooks to the back of the head strap and the headlamp which hooks to the front of the strap. This allows for an even distribution of weight so that the flashlight feels more comfortable on your head which is especially useful if you plan on using this headlamp for long periods of time.

Fenix Headlamp with Multiple Modes

The HP25R V2.0 LED headlamp has three light sources which is the spotlight, the floodlight, and the red light. The spotlight features five different brightness levels: turbo at 1600 lumens, high at 1000 lumens, medium at 400 lumens, low at 150 lumens, and eco at 50 lumens. On the eco brightness level, you're going to be seeing a maximum run time of 56 hours.

As for the floodlight, it has three brightness levels: high of 400 lumens, medium of 150 lumens, and low of 5 lumens. With the low brightness level, you’ll see a maximum runtime of 400 hours which is extremely impressive. The 5-lumen brightness level is perfect for up-close work or outdoor use when you need just a little bit of light to see. With any camping light, it's a good idea to have one with a moonlight mode or low lumen mode. 

The red light has two modes which are a constant red and flashing red. Red light headlamps are quite popular given that they allow you to easily see at night and the red LED helps conserve the battery so it's always a perk to see it on a headlamp.

The dual switches operate the HP25R V2.0 headlamp. One switch is the General Mode and controls the spotlight while the other switch is the Functional Mode and controls both the floodlight and the red LED. Operating it is easy, you just press and hold either switch to turn it on and off and then single click to cycle through the outputs. This headlamp also has an intelligent memory function that’s going to remember the last brightness level you used. It definitely comes in handy to help conserve the battery and is more convenient in general.

Rechargeable Headlamp with USB-C Charging

Is there anything better than a rechargeable headlamp? It's so convenient and given the advancements in charging technology, we're able to charge products faster so we can use them more frequently. The same goes for the HP25R V2.0. It runs on a 21700 battery and you can use the USB-C charging port that's located on the battery case to charge your battery. It charges the battery fully in 4 hours which means less time on the charger and more time in use.

This Fenix headlamp comes with the ARB-L21-5000 21700 lithium-ion battery. You can use an 18650 battery with the ALF-18 battery holder if you'd like to. However, you probably won't be seeing the same specs with an 18650 battery that you would with a 21700 battery. Nevertheless, it's always a good thing when a headlamp can use multiple battery types.

To add to the features of the HP25R V2.0, it also has a battery level indicator. When the light is off just click either switch and the indicator will glow. A green light means the battery is 85 to 100% full, a green flashing light means it's 50 to 85% full, a red light means it's 25 to 50% full, and a flashing red light means it's 1 to 25% full. When you see that flashing red light, make sure to get your headlamp on the charger.



Fenix HP25R V2 rechargeable headlamp

LED Headlamp Bursting With Features

Believe it or not, there are more features to this light that we haven't discussed. It is extremely lightweight and made of an aluminum alloy. Its 60° tilt mechanism allows you to adjust the angle of the flashlight which comes in handy especially in work environments where you need to control where the beam is shooting or when camping with friends so you don't accidentally blind anybody.

This Fenix headlamp is rated IP66 and can be used in heavy rain and splashes. So if you're using it on a camping trip and it suddenly starts raining heavily, your headlamp will work just fine. Fenix headlamps are extremely durable and it's no different with the HP25R V2.0. It’s impact resistant up to 2 meters so it can withstand accidental drops and work just fine.

It comes with a perforated headband that's secure and comfortable on your head while allowing breathability. Included with the HP25R V2.0 are 4 helmet attachment hooks and 3 cable clips so you're set to go with everything you need. Finally, the HP25R V2.0 does have two ways to lock it out. It has an electronic lockout and a protective cover to prevent the headlamp from turning on accidentally in your bag.

Final Thoughts on the Fenix HP25R Rechargeable Headlamp

As far as upgrades go, we’re very impressed with the Fenix HP25R V2.0 and we think you will be too. If you’re a fan of Fenix headlamps, this is one you definitely need to check out. The features make this a versatile flashlight perfect for professionals as well as outdoor adventures. So make sure to check out the Fenix HP25R V2.0 rechargeable headlamp.