New Product Announcements! LD22 and Flashlight Tool Case

Fenix's most popular AA Flashlight is still a great EDC choice

Fenix LD22 AA LED flashlight All-around EDC lighting solution

Hello, Fenix Fans

Well what do you know…ANOTHER NEW FENIX RELEASE!! The Upgraded Fenix LD22 – 2015 Edition has new operation features and a higher output of 300 lumens while still using only two AA batteries. The Fenix LD22 is exactly what you would want in a good, all-purpose flashlight. Check out our TIPS on how to get the most out of your AA flashlight--below in the FYI CORNER.

We would also like to announce the All-New Fenix Portable Flashlight Tool Case (discontinued). Engineered to provide impact/thermal/moisture resistance, the AFH-01 Case is a must-have for the adventurous Fenix Fan. Get the full details for both new releases HERE.

Thanks for your continued loyalty.  Get that LD22 2015 preorder in; this is is our BLOCKBUSTER release so there will be high demand.

The Fenix Outfitters Team




Last Week's UC30 Winner

Betty C. of Queen City, TX





Medford Knives Offered Through Our Sister Site, Gear For Life

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This week's story was submitted by Dennis Gonzales in the Phillipines. Fenix is in action worldwide--this time Fenix came to the rescue in a shopping mall where the power had gone out. Check out Dennis, the "prince of light."


"Just Follow the Light"

"Besides using my light regularly at home and construction site, it is regular in my belt along with my swiss tool. My most unforgetable moment was when I'm inside one of the big shopping malls in Manila, Philippines. When suddenly lighting struck and lost power. Unfortunately the backup generator did not turn on. So it's pitch black. So i turn on my Fenix light. At first i point it horizontly so everybody is complaining about the glare and i focus it on the ceiling. Everybody was amazed by the power. So i continued working and I noticed a crowd of around 50 people is walking beside me. They said they didn't have a place to go. I acted as a beacon. Walking as a prince of light."

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As we introduce the "blockbuster of the summer," we want stress with caution the attention one should place when using alkaline batteries. 



    • All alkaline batteries can leak in any electronic device


    • If you don't plan to use your alkaline-powered flashlight within two weeks, remove the batteries


    • If you leave the batteries in the light, turn the light on every two weeks.


    • Following these suggestions still doesn't guarantee the alkaline batteries won't leak


    • CLICK HERE to read additional information on alkaline battery handling


  • Use Ni-MH batteries rather than alkaline batteries