The Best Tactical flashlights Under $100


Fenix UC35 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight - Buy Here

Need a good tactical flashlight at a low cost? Today we will be discussing the best tactical flashlights under $100 available at Let start with the UC35. The Fenix UC35 has a 1000 lumen output, tactical tail switch, and it looks great with the metal side switch. Once you turn the light on, it'll display that battery status for about three seconds on the side switch. The light also has memory, you'll be able to turn the light off in one desired mode and the next time you go to turn it on it'll resume on the same mode/output. You also don't have to worry about taking the battery out of the tactical flashlight and then having to charge the battery separately, this tactical flashlight is micro USB rechargeable. This puts the Fenix UC35 3rd on my list for best Tactical flashlights under $100.


Second place for best tactical flashlights under $100 is the Fenix TK20R tactical rechargeable flashlight. When you look at this flashlight you can obviously tell that it deserves to be on this list because of the aggressive strike bezel and it's very aggressive look. It has very deep grooves which makes it perfect for any tactical use. This tactical flashlight has a 1000 lumen output it, so with this it's very similar to the UC 35. It is micro USB rechargeable as well. With this Fenix TK20R tactical flashlight, you get a much further throw whenever you're on the 1000 lumen output. You have total 1000 feet of throw distance and so that's definitely going to light up any pathway or light up any perpetrator.


Fenix TK20R Rechargeable Tactical Flashlights - Buy Here

It does have the strobe mode and intelligent memory circuit so you can always feel free to leave the lights off in turbo mode and assuming you have the battery power, it will turn back on the 1000 lumen output. That's another huge benefit to Fenix Tactical flashlights. The Fenix TK20R does include a battery as well, just like the UC35. For all these reasons I rank the Fenix TK20R as my 2nd place tactical flashlight under $100. Let move on to the 1st place on this list.

My 1st place winner is the Fenix PD35 TAC. There are many reason why the PD35TAC has been one of the best tactical flashlights for so long. The huge that makes this such a good tactical flashlight is the separate tactical mode that the Fenix PD35 TAC includes. In tactical mode, all operations on the the flashlight are from the rear on and off button, you can control the whole entire flashlight by the tail switch. A half press and every single time, assuming you have the better power at alternate between turbo, strobe and eco mode. Every time you turn the flashlight on in tactical mode it will automatically default to the turbo output. In that split second that you need 1000 Lumens, you can rest assured that with the PD35 TAC will provide the brightness that you need with a simple click of the rear switch.


Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight - Buy Here

Let talk about some fo the other details fo this PD35 Tactical flashlight. It does have a beam distance of 656 feet. It is going to be more of a flood effect tactical flashlight, especially when in comparison to the Fenix TK20R, which is obviously a really great thrower. Another feature that the PD35 Tactical flashlight offers is the simplicity of being just like your normal flashlight also. When you are not in a tactical situation you can easily switch to the outdoors mode and easily switch modes until you find the best output that works for you.

The PD35 Tactical Flashlight does not include batteries, but does have a variety of batteries that are available. I always get Fenix 18650 3500mAH rechargeable batteries as they tend to give me the longest run time with my Fenix flashlights. Even with the battery installed the Fenix PD35 Tactical flashlight is very lightweight, this is another huge reason why I have it as the best tactical flashlight under $100.

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