The Fenix PD35 TAC - The Best Compact Tactical Flashlight of 2018

The Fenix PD series is home to some of the most popular flashlights around the world. In this series, there is one single flashlight that stands above the rest, the Fenix PD35 TAC, a rugged tactical flashlight that has been a best seller on since it was first announced. Today we are going to honor this great tactical flashlight by doing a in-depth review of all it’s characteristics.

The first thing to consider is the excellent 1000 lumen output maximum output setting. The 1000 lumen output has quickly become the standard for hand size flashlights that use either rechargeable 18650 or non rechargeable CR123 batteries. It is good to keep in mind that this 1000 lumen output level for the Fenix PD35 tactical flashlights has a 656 Ft. throw distance. This all comes from a flashlight that is a straight 1 inch in diameter from head to tail and is only five and a 5 1/2 inches long. So as far as the diameter goes, the size is really hardly wider than an 186550 battery itself. It just has a bit of extra space for the circuits in the head and for the body to contain the battery. Fenix did a really excellent job with keeping this as a very compact flashlight, making it one of the greatest fenix light.

The Fenix PD35 Tactical flashlight offers all the everyday carry (EDC) benefits of the normal fenix PD35, but with the added addition of the tactical functionality that so many customers ask for. The Fenix PD35 tactical comes with a programmable feature of tactical mode and outdoor mode. On the outdoor mode, it has access to the full 5 different brightness levels with a maximum of a 1000 lumens. This feature is really designed with every day carry in mind. With this mode it is easy to decide how many lumens you need to complete a job.

On the Fenix PD35 tactical feature you can reduce the number of output functions to simplify the use and to make it easier to use as a defensive or even offensive weapon. In a tactical situation, the tactical mode of the flashlight will remove all function from the side switch, and we'll offer you precise control over three different settings using just the tail switch. That light will always turn on in the in the 1000 lumen output setting, so you always have instant access to the brightest light]. A quick double press will also access the strobe mode instantly. This is also vitally important for a tactical situation when you may need to use that strobe at a moment's notice to incapacitate someone.

The third option in the flashlight tactical mode is the low setting so that if you, if the situation has been resolved or has calmed down, you can then still use a good amount of light, but not bind yourself with the low mode. The tactical mode is obviously how the Fenix PD35 tactical edition received its name. This is a very highly sought after mode function that many people in police and military operations enjoy because of its ease of use.

If you really want to use the absolute best available options for your PD35 tactical edition flashlight we recommend using the 3500 mAH 18650 rechargeable battery. These are the highest capacity currently available at If you want to view a full list of the best tactical flashlights click on the link below. 

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