The First Rechargeable Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

Many who work in hazardous environments understand the importance of an intrinsically safe flashlight. After researching and working hard, Fenix developed the WF30RE, an intrinsically safe flashlight that's also rechargeable. The WF30RE is the very first rechargeable intrinsically safe light that Fenix has come out with, and we're excited that it has been released today!

The 280-Lumen WF30RE carries the international explosion-proof certification for use in Zones 1/2/21/and 22. We are excited to provide the WF30RE flashlight to these markets! The WF Series from Fenix is specifically designed for the special environment workforce. These flashlights have many great features and are all intrinsically safe. If you are looking for a flashlight that would be great for your toolbox, work vehicle, or office, we recommend looking at the WF Series of Fenix Lights!

The Fenix Store Team

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