The Catalog linked below may be outdated now, but you can still find the best flashlight gift ideas here at Fenix-Store!

Some of our most popular units are available now for a great price!

The Fenix PD36R is a recent favorite. With 1600 lumens, this excellent tactical/EDC hybrid flashlight will turn heads and never do you wrong. This highly sought-after light quickly became our best-seller immediately upon its release, and it's still going strong now!

Fenix PD36R Hybrid Flashlight Everyday Carry Tactical

The Fenix PD40R V2's popularity snuck up on us, but the people have spoken! They like the super easy to use rotary switch on the head of the light. Easily cycle between all brightness levels and access strobe in a flash (pun intended!) with this great one-handed operable flashlight.

Fenix PD40R V2 Innovative Rotary Switch

The Fenix E35 V3 has become the EDC favorite around here. An upgrade all the way up to 3000 lumens makes the Version 3 of the popular E35 line the brightest Everyday Carry Flashlight we've ever had. The most impressive part is that it doesn't sacrifice size to get there! You still get that much power from a light that can easily fit in your pocket and be taken with you anywhere.

New Fenix E35 V3 Compared to Previous E35 Model Flashlights

The Fenix UC35 has been a popular mainstay for many years, and the Fenix UC35 V2 is no different! The V2 upgrades the lumen output to 1000 lumens and adds a battery level indicator on the side switch of the light, plus the side switch brings the modern feel with the brass metal style.

Fenix UC35 V2 Upgrade to a Classic Rechargeable Flashlight

Fenix has already provided so many perfect flashlights and other LED products that fit the description of "BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER" and now that their flashlight catalog is out... Let's just say there are a lot to look forward to!!

Ranging from new smaller lights that pack quite the punch, to even some more camping lanterns that have bluetooth audio capability, and then of course a new powerhouse that will be the brightest LED flashlight Fenix has introduced to date... Like I said, there's a lot to look forward to! Click down below to open the link with the new catalog and see all of the new additions to Fenix and some that have yet to come!


See if you can find the soon-to-be-released products!

Fenix 2017 Flashlight Catalog
(this is a PDF - please allow a minute to download)