man using a flashlight on a cliff

Flashlight Series


    For years, Fenix has released a diverse line of high-end tactical flashlights, rechargeable LED flashlights, professional flashlights, general use flashlights, safety flashlights, everyday carry flashlights, pocket flashlights, and more! Fenix makes a flashlight that can fit any need.  We pride ourselves on our products and our warranty servicing after your purchase. You are not just purchasing a Fenix flashlight when you buy from Fenix are also getting a support team that is focused on your satisfaction and located in the USA. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality flashlights and customer service. 

    Fenix Flashlights

    Fenix LED flashlights are incredibly tough, high performance devices built for demanding users of all types. Emergency preppers love the reliability, hikers love the ability to withstand harsh conditions, and workers love the easy-to-use and comfortable-to-hold designs that set these lights apart from their competitors. Different series have been tailored towards different applications. From rechargeable functionality to tactical prowess, you'll find the perfect light for any situation. On top of the brilliant engineering behind Fenix flashlights, the lifetime limited warranty provides users with VIP support for the life of their Fenix.

    Tactical and EDC Flashlights

    If you’ve never used a Fenix high-performance LED flashlight, you’ve never experienced one of the most remarkable pieces of gear on the market.  Hikers, hunters, preppers, and law enforcement personnel love these flash lights not just for their huge outputs but for their reliability and immense functionality. Fenix builds tactical flashlights that can be submerged in water, dropped from great heights, mounted onto rifles, and stood up for hands-free lighting. Each and every function is engineered for specific users in mind.

    Flashlights with Massive Outputs

    Fenix is constantly pushing the boundaries of LED technology. Turn on one of these flashlights and watch their beams slice through the darkness. But brightness is only part of the story. Fenix engineers their flashlights to produce beams that are even across the flood so you don’t miss anything. Precision-crafted reflectors cast beams long distances for long-range search expeditions, and multiple output modes on their lights allow you to step down to more usable outputs indoors or in close quarters.

    Rugged Flashlights

    Rubber O-ring seals, hard anodizing, machined aluminum, and stainless steel parts combine to make a piece of gear that’s capable of truly incredible things. Water and dust resistance means these lights can go anywhere. Whether you’re hiking through the back country, or tackling an extra tough job, you need gear you can rely on. That’s what a Fenix flashlight is built for.