Fenix Flashlight | 2018 Top Ranked Fenix Flashlights and Gear

The best Fenix Gear and Flashlights for this year!!! 

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2018 is in full swing, summer is here, and camping season has started. Don't go unprepared, make sure you have all the gear you need before you go out into the wilderness. Fenix-store.com has everything you need including headlamps, lanterns, flashlights, bike light and Everyday Carry Gear. This list will help you be prepared for any outdoor situation. All our gear is built to last with high durability standards. Any outdoorsman would be proud to carry these lights. We start with our most popular light: 

1. Fenix PD35TAC - $71.95 - This flashlight has been on our bestseller list for quite some time now. The Fenix PD35TAC is an all-in-one flashlight. It can be used with both rechargeable 18650's and non-rechargeable Tenergy CR123A's. Packaging will include a holster, spare O-rings, spare rubber boot, warranty form, and manual. The PD35TAC has a max output of 100 Lumens as compared to its brother the PD35 which only has 960 Lumens. The is the perfect light for any outdoorsman that like hiking, trekking, climbing, and hunting. The light is made of durable grade aluminum and includes both a pocket clip and holster for easy carry.  This light is also ranked in the top 10 of several tactical flashlight ranking websites.


2. Fenix CL09 - $34.95 - Next on our list is the CL09, this is the perfect compact camping lantern. This is one our newest additions to the Fenix Flashlight Family. You have 2 options for power in this light, either a non-rechargeable Tenergy CR123A or a rechargeable 16340 which now comes in the "U" version making it Micro USB Rechargeable. With a max output of 200 lumens, this is a perfect camping lantern for pitching a tent, reading or playing a late night game of monopoly by the campsite. Available in both black or Iron Grey.

3. Fenix HM50R - $59.95 - Are you a hiker or runner? Or just need a good light for walking your dog? This is the light you need. The HM50R is a lightweight Micro USB rechargeable headlamp, it only weighs 2.2 ounces. Made of high-grade aluminum this will be your running or hiking light for years to come. The Fenix HM50R has a max output of 500 Lumens and runs on both non-rechargeable Tenergy CR123A's or rechargeable Fenix 16340's. The light is charge via Micro USB cable and has a cool white LED. No more cooking in the dark by the camp site, cook your steak with ease using the HM50R. 


4. Fenix BC30R - $139.95 - The best bike light in the world is here at Fenix-store.com. The BC30R boasts a burst mode at max output of 1600 Lumens, that is by far much brighter than any other bike light you will find in the market. The Fenix BC30R is a rechargeable bike light, you won't have to hassle with batteries for your long biking trip. The quick release bike mount makes it easy to store and charge. All you will need is the Micro USB cable to charge the light safely and quickly.

5. ARE-C2+ (replaced by ARE-A4) - 39.95 - don't hassle with the worthless battery chargers from the other guys. Fenix has the best charger around, and it's called the Fenix ARE-C2+. Whether you have 1 battery or 4 batteries the beast of a charger can take on all of them. What is so great about this charger? This not only an 18650 battery charger, but also supports Li-Ions: 16340's, 14500's, and 21700's.