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Hello everyone. My name is Brad and I am a member of the Fenix-Store team! Thank you for joining me today while I go over what items you would want to bring on a fishing trip. It’s basically the end of summer and this is the time more people like to get out and experience the outdoors and immerse themselves in nature or bodies of water. I find it to be very physically and mentally relaxing anytime I get the opportunity to take my family fishing or camping plus it gives you a great chance to build those bonds which will only make you a more solid family.

The first thing you’ll want to grab is of course all of your fishing gear like rods, reels, line and your tackle box or any bait you might use. Closed face reels are ideal for children or someone who who less familiar with fishing or casting. For myself I prefer to use open face bait casting reels and with a little honing of the skill of casting the open face reel allows for a more precise casting accuracy. I also keep a pair of pliers or a multi-tool in the tackle box, you never know when and what you’ll need to dig a hook out of. If children will be tagging along then you’ll need to bring along some bobbers to make it easier for them to see the line and when a fish is on so they can learn to set the hook quickly and properly. Bobbers or Floaters are usually used with bait and not lures. Make sure they are big enough to suspend the bait/sinkers not going more than half way under water. Secondly would be any extra clothing such as rain gear, hats basically you want to plan for all kinds of weather you may encounter. I encourage taking some sunscreen as well as sunglasses especially in the summer months for yourself and any kids that come along. I can’t tell you how many times I needed my sunscreen and didn’t personally have any, thankfully a few fellow anglers were there to generously provide some to use.

No matter if you go to a familiar location that you’ve been to before or a totally new spot make sure you always have your fishing licenses for everyone over the age of 16 as well as lifejackets especially if you’re going to be in a boat because the lake patrol will look to make sure all laws are being followed. If you will be keeping some fish then you will need somewhere to keep them wether it be in a live well or icechest to keep them chilled. A tape measure is very important to have as many fish have different size requirements for keeping them and you’ll want to keep in accordance with all fish & game laws. An early morning and a few hours on the boat can make any angler hungry so you’ll want to have packed some food or snacks for everyone. If you can remember to also bring toiletries or personalitems that will make for a better experience or at least more comfortable. A waterproofbag would be a great place to store your firstaidkit, camera, cell phone and any items that need to be kept dry, which on a boat can sometimes be a challenge. In the chance that you get caught out after dark it would be a good idea to have a flashlight or two kept in your waterproof bag. I carry the FenixPD25 that emits 400 Lumens from a single CR123A battery and is only about 3.5 inches long and I find it works extremely well in any situation whatever the conditions are. If you prefer something more powerful and not so compact then I would go with the FenixTK20R that is 1,000 Lumens and includes a rechargeable 18650 battery that you can charge inside the light with the USB cable. You definitely do not want to be out on the water after dark without a light but with either of these two flashlights you’ll be capable of navigating the darkest of nights with ease.

I know the fishing may not always be successful but with these items listed above the trip itself will be a success and the whole family will be sure to have an amazing time together! Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope everyone can make time and go out and enjoy the outdoors.