Flashlight Accessories for Fenix Flashlights

Thank you for joining us for another fenixstore.com blog. Today, we're going to go into some of the great accessories that we have for our flashlights. Many people come to our website, fenixstore.com, and they see that we have a great, and wide variety of flashlights, great batteries for them. But sometimes there's accessories that you could definitely add onto these flashlights which will make them even better. Anything from filters, to mounts, pressure switches, even traffic cones for specific flashlights.

So, today, I just want to discuss some of those great accessories that we do have available, and all of them are really reasonably priced, especially for the wide variety of flashlights that we do have. So, let's get into it, and let's start discussing some of these accessories.

First, I'm going to talk about some of the diffusers, filters, and also traffic wands that we have available. We have a filter adapter, which you could say is a different colored filter adapter. This is great for people that really like to go out hunting, or that really don't want to shine something really bright in somebody's eyes that is just white light. These filter adapters, most of them, will come either in green, red, or blue. Now, we do have a filter adapter which is the Fenix AOF-S. The Fenix AOF-S only comes in the red color, this is a specific filter adapter that is used for flashlights, that usually will range within the 150 to 500 lumen range. You're talking about your LD-12s, your smaller head flashlights that have a mid-range lumen capacity.

Moving up from there, then you're probably going to want to use the AOF-S+. I'm going to name some of the common flashlights that can use these filter adapters, for example, the PD35, and the PD35 TAC. Both of these use the AOF-S+, and this AOF-S Plus comes in those three colors, as mentioned before. It's priced at $7.50, and it comes in the red, blue, and green.

Another great flashlight that would use this filter adapter, which is the AOF-S Plus, would be the E25UE, the RC11, the UC35, UC30, both the new edition and the older model. So, keep this in mind when purchasing a filter adapter for these flashlights.

Now, we also have diffuser tips. Now, this really does come in handy, especially if you have a powerful flashlight, or a flashlight that you want to use in the format or in a way as a lantern. What this diffuser will do is it'll bring down some for the lumens, but more than anything, spread it out, instead of it just being like a regular spot beam on your flashlight. These diffusers, we have them available for a wide variety of flashlights, even for the ones that have the bigger heads, like the TK47, and the TK47UE. Both of those can use the AOD-L, which is the larger diffuser tip. Another great flashlight that a lot of people did not know about, that did use the diffuser tip, would be the FD65. The same diffuser tip, which is the AOD-L, can use that white diffuser, and this is a great light to have it with, because as you know, the FD65 does tail stand.

Another reason why a lot of people get these white diffuser tips, is to get it for their flashlights that do tell stand. Another great flashlight for this would be the UC30. The UC30 would use the AOD-S, which is another tell standing flashlight. UC30 can use the white diffuser tip.

Moving on to traffic wands. Traffic wands, a lot of police officers, or personal and security use these. We do have a wide variety of flashlights that would be able to accept these traffic wands, just to name a few, the TK25, the TK16, and the TK20 R. All three of these flashlights would use the diffuser tips. Now, on the TK16 and the TK20 R, you're going to want to use the AOT-M. Yes, the AOT-M would be the traffic wand to use on those flashlights.

Now, moving on to some larger wands, you would want to use this on the TK25 R, or the TK25 R&B, or the TK25 IR. You would want to use the larger traffic wand, which is the AOT-L.

Now, moving on to one fan favorite, which is the mounts and pressure switches. We have a wide variety of pressure switches, and mounts, to fit some of our most popular flashlights, or every day, or tactical flashlights that a lot of people want to use these for when going out hunting, or just to have it on your AR, or on your gun. So, talking about this, the most popular ones that people are going to use this on are the tactical model, or the PD35 TAC. Now, I'm going to go through this a little bit thoroughly, because this is one of our more common questions, which one fits which? I'm going to start with the TK25's, the 25 IR, the R&B, and the Red, which is the new release that just came out recently. So, all three of these flashlight would be able to use the AER-03 (discontinued). That is the pressure switch that they would be able to use, that will allow the functionality for these flashlights.

Now, the gun mount that these flashlights would use, would be either, or. We offer two of them, one is the ALG-00, the other is the ALG-01 (discontinued). The ALG-01 is one that is more like a bolt-on, it does not have the quick release option to it. So, what happens here is both with ALG-00, and the ALG-01, you put the flashlight in the mount, and then you tighten it down with you Allen wrench, and then when you're about to slide it onto the Picatinny rail, on the ALG-01 you also have to tighten it down with the Allen wrench. In comparison to the ALG-00, you could go ahead and just use the quick release, which would allow you to put it on there, and it will stay on there pretty tight. It's great if you need to take the flashlight off the rail mount, or the Picatinny rail mount, in a moment's notice. Really easy to take off there, and be able to use it handheld, as well.

Moving on to the PD35 and PD35 TAC. These flashlights, both the PD35 and the PD35 TAC, would use either the AER-01 or 02 pressure switch, and as we had mentioned before, they can use either mount that we have available. Either the ALG-00 and ALG-01, as well.

One last accessory that not a lot of people pay attention to, but is in its own niche area, if you could say, is the ALB-10, which is the bike mount. So, a lot of people know that we sell some really great bike lights, but sometimes we have people that ask, "I know I have a bike light, but I'd like to also carry my flashlight with me. Is there a mount available that would allow me to do this?" The ALB-10 is a bike mount that allows for a wide variety of flashlights to be mounted onto your bike.

Just to give you an idea, specifically, on our bestsellers, the PD35 could use it, the PD35 TAC, PD32, moving on to the LD series, the LD22 can use it. In our E series, the E35 and the E20 can use it, and in the RC series, most of our RC lights could use it, the RC20 and RC11, also the UC35, and the UC30.

Now, you want to keep in mind with the bike mount, you're probably going to want to use it with a flashlight that has a tell switch option. Simply because its going to become difficult to use the ALB-01 having your flashlight mounted on there, and then having to search around while you're on your bike, for a flashlight that just uses a side switch. So, we do recommend using it on a PD35, or even a UC35.

These are just some of the accessories that we have available here, at fenixstore.com. We just wanted to talk to you, report on this post about it, and just give some insight, as all the great accessories we have. We have many more that are compatible with many of our flashlights.

If you go to fenixstore.com, and you will notice that there's a dropdown that says accessories and it has quite a few options available, from the traffic wands, to the mounts, filters and diffusers, our holsters, our battery storage, or batteries and chargers, and our Gear Gripz, are just some of the categories we have there.

So, if you want to see some more of these great accessories that we have, just head over to fenixstore.com, and if you do have any questions, there is a compatibility list that we have created, that will allow you to see what flashlights, or what headlamps, or what accessories are compatible with what lights. If you are still uncertain of which ones work with which, you could always give us a call. Our customer service team will always be happy to help, and answer those questions.

We thank you, again, for joining us on this fenixstore.com blog post, and we appreciate you guys joining in today.