Fenix In Action Stories



Thank you for your "Fenix in Action" stories submitted.  This is a great way to give fellow "flashaholics" ideas of how Fenix products can enhance their outdoor or everyday living activities.  Enjoy how Fenix is spanning the globe through these stories.


CL25R = Mike Tyson
Fenix, Snakes, Iguanas, Monkeys, etc.
Just Follow the Light
P2D to the Rescue
Forks on Wheels

Story:  CL25R = Mike Tyson
Submitted by:  Ray Stephen
Fenix Product:  CL25R Lantern (discontinued, updated to CL26R)
Publication Date:  Sept. 4, 2015

Greetings, I would like to share my experience about the amazing FENIX CL25R Lantern, this little guy packs a punch like Mike Tyson. It is the most versatile lantern on the market, small enough to take anywhere, can be hung up mounted to a tripod or stuck to a metal surface with the attached magnet. It's Perfect for fishing, hunting, camping, hiking. Using in your yard while having a fire and a few drinks with guests, Fixing your unexpected flat tire on a dark highway or indicating to another motorist you are broke down on the side of the road with its constant or flashlight red light. I could not ask for a better product. Their new warranty shows they stand behind their products. The value of this lantern is untouchable for the price adding a built in charger and free 18650. thank you FENIX for this awesome design. If you would like to see a short video of the CL25R in action I have posted the video to Fenix store main Facebook page. Thank you for reading.  





Story: Fenix, Snakes, Iguanas, Monkeys, etc.
Submitted by:  Alex Figueroa
Fenix Products:  TK40, TK41, E25, HP10
Publication Date:  August 21, 2015

"Strolling companionless through the tropical rainforest at night in some foreign country can be quite hair-raising! On moonless nights visibility is quite poor, but even the brightest moon provides little illumination as the tall giants rise from the forest floor, locking arms to form an almost impenetrable canopy, blocking out any light that might brighten your path. And what about all the wild animals lurking in the darkness, from the owl perched high in the canopy with its perfect night vision hooting away your unwelcomed presence in the eclipse of the woody behemoths, to the stealthy predators ready to ‘pounce on you and tear you apart’, to the slithering snakes on the ground and climbing through trees ‘ready to inject you with fangs full of venom’. All this makes most people want to just stay within the comforts of their home. But not for me – the mystery of a dark night in the forest holds a certain allure to me, especially since I’m always on the hunt for snakes!

As a herpetologist, my research has taken me around the world in search of reptiles and amphibians, including destinations within the U.S., as well as Mexico, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Since most of my work takes place at night, a bright and reliable torch is crucial. Fenix has changed my field experience and eased my work efforts in so many ways. Gone are the days of lugging heavy lanterns, bulky halogen lights, and large batteries. In the field I carry three lights, the powerful TK41 for spotting critters, an HP10 for catching and handling my discoveries, and for writing notes, and a nifty E25, which I usually loan to any company that tags along. I also enjoy photographing what I find and the lights allow me to compose my shots and focus my camera in total darkness such as this Helmeted Iguana sleeping at night or this Mangrove Pitviper feeding on a Crab-eating Snake. Certainly, the switch to Fenix came with much enthusiasm. All-around there was nothing but improvement - increased brightness, longer battery-life, improved focusing, farther range, waterproof and durable housing, and not to mention, comfort – all important when you’re in the field night after night for hours on end. The only negative is when I shoot a 400+ lumen beam 500 meters into the canopy in search of tree-snakes and wake up monkeys slumbering high in the trees that begin throwing sticks and trying to pee on you in vexation. 

Fenix lights are incredible! So much so that I’ve forfeited several of my lights to friends overseas to brighten their field experiences as they search for the incredible denizens which inhabit our natural world. So yes, although I sacrificed some lights, it at least puts me back in the market for the latest, lightest, and brightest Fenix torches!"

CLICK HERE to learn more about Alex's research 








Story:  Just Follow the Light
Submitted by:  Dennis Gonzales
Publication Date:  August 14, 2015

"Besides using my light regularly at home and construction site, it is regular in my belt along with my swiss tool. My most unforgetable moment was when I'm inside one of the big shopping malls in Manila, Philippines. When suddenly lighting struck and lost power. Unfortunately the backup generator did not turn on. So it's pitch black. So i turn on my Fenix light. At first i point it horizontly so everybody is complaining about the glare and i focus it on the ceiling. Everybody was amazed by the power. So i continued working and I noticed a crowd of around 50 people is walking beside me. They said they didn't have a place to go. I acted as a beacon. Walking as a prince of light."


Story:  P2D to the Rescue
Submitted by:  Steve Sisak
Fenix Product(s): P2D, P1, PD22UE, PD31, PD35 (discontinued, updated to PD35 V2), LD20, and CL20 (discontinued, updated to CL20R)
Publication Date:  August 6, 2015

"My experience with Fenix lights started with me buying a P2D to use as an every day carry keychain light. I really liked the modes and the output on high was exceptional for the time. I carried that light everywhere and only recently repurposed it to use the PD22UE. I am an amateur sports photographer. One evening when shooting a night basketball game a lightning storm killed the power in a packed gym. During the 5 minutes it took for the emergency lights to come on the crowd was alarmed and people were trying to figure out if they should leave. I wanted to see where I was going so I turned on the P2D and put it on full power. I immediately noticed the gym get quiet and people were looking at me so I pointed the light at the ceiling and although not enough light for everyone the gym quieted and people could see enough to wait for the emergency lights. I started buying the smaller Fenix lights as gifts and soon they became requests and I had my entire Christmas list filled for several years. An early TK10 I bought a relative in Houston arrived a month before that city lost power for a week during hurricane season and made believers of the TX branch of the family.

Just about all my close relatives have a keychain Fenix light and they all get compliments when they use them to help friends navigate at night.

I look forward to Fenix releasing new technology since the wait seems to always be worth it.

I buy the 2 cell lights for night walks with the dog and I take them to national parks to test them out in the truly natural darkness. I currently am following what Fenix is doing with the newest LEDs and the AA battery format."





Story:  "Forks on Wheels" - Cycling from London to Hong Kong
Submitted by:  Julia Mason and Bethany Martin
Twitter Account: Forks on Wheels
Fenix Product(s): BT20, HL50, HL55, and CL20 (discontinued, updated to CL20R)
Publication Date:  July 30, 2015

"As we sat down on the small wooden stalls of the restaurant, we couldn't quite compute our emotions. Exhausted and a little traumatized, we demolished a mixed grill platter and dissolved into our beds. The next day was when the elation at our achievement kicked in. We had cycled 3650km from London to İstanbul, Turkey! We've experienced 12 countries, learnt how to say 'hello', 'thank you' and 'can we camp in your garden?' in 9 languages, met some amazing people who have overwhelmed us with their hospitality and eaten over 100 snickers bars (and still counting...!). As we took on the role of tourists in this beautiful city we couldn't help but tell people "we cycled here!" When asked where we were from.

In the first phase of our journey, we would often cycle at night. We enjoyed the peacefulness of the roads and riding after dinner with the sunset on our backs. We use Fenix BTR20 Bike Lights and they allow us to feel confident whilst night riding. As well as their power and settings variety with the additional button for immediate bright light, their unique fitting to the handlebars is a real benefit. They use a strong rubber band that hooks around the handlebars, which allows different positions and eliminates problems with broken or 'flimsy' fittings. We also both use Fenix head torches (HL50 and HL55) for on and off the bike; use whilst on the bike to see gears and 'dashboard' and whilst off the bike for night time activities (such as tent pitching and cooking). And, Beth's favorite piece of Fenix equipment, the CL20 camp light! We use this light every evening, it is much softer than the head torches but still offers more than enough light. We hang it off our bikes for sitting outside in the evenings and off the roof of our tent for indoors. We have only had to change the batteries for our head torches and camp light once over a duration of 2 months with use almost every night! 

The great thing about cycling is the way it allows you to connect with the environment. We learnt about the crops grown on the land, the native animals and the climate. We found people rushing to speak with us, to invite us in for tea, to share food and take our picture. The opportunities that arose for us as two smiling (slightly bedraggled) adventurers with our homes on our panniers was the real fuel that kept us pedaling. We directed our learning towards food, another source of fuel, and used our social and environmental interactions to show the value of food. Our aim for the journey is to raise awareness about the Food Waste Scandal; to show that this issue really is a global one and to empower people to think twice. Since April 11th 2015, the day we left London, we have heard people's opinions, appreciated the beauty of homemade, learnt about sustainable living and food waste reduction techniques and why food is wasted across Europe. Here in Turkey, we are now faced with a new culture with different historical influences and we are beginning to see how these factors affect the Food Waste Scandal in a different way. This journey will gradually shape a food waste story through cuisine, culture and the land and we have no idea what is around the corner!"

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