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Today we're gonna be discussing some our great keychain flashlights that we have available. The three main ones that we're going to discuss, is the UC01, the UC02, and last, the E15, which is a really impressive flashlight as well. So let's talk a little bit about these three key chain flashlights.

When you talk about a flashlight that you're gonna have on a key ring or your keys, you always want something that's gonna be compact and not take up to much space or be too bulky. All three of these flashlights really fit that description.


List of the Best Keychain Flashlights

Let's start off with the Fenix UC01 (discontinued. Check out the Fenix E03R keychain flashlight). Max output it gonna be 45 lumens, and it's a rechargeable mini-keyring flashlight. It has a battery level indicator, it's resistant to rain and splashing, and as I had mentioned, it has a Micro-USB charging port which is a really nice added feature. It does have three outputs, a low, a mid and a high. At the low, you're gonna get 1 lumen, at the mid you're gonna get 20 lumens, and at the high you're gonna get the 45 lumens. The run time on those is going be 50 hours on the one lumen, 3 hours on the mid lumen, and 1 hour and 20 minutes on the high lumen output.

It is impact resistant up to one meter, and it is also waterproof IP-X6 rated. It's a really awesome little keychain light that we have here. It has a really sturdy key ring, and key mount so you can keep it on your keys there. It's really easy to turn on, it has just a side switch on the very top of it. The USB port is on the side which has a little cover or dust cover so you can uncover that and plug it into a micro-USB cable.

Moving on to the Fenix UC02 (discontinued. Check out the Fenix E02R keychain flashlight), which is really a fan favorite. It comes in three colors, and also there is a stainless steel option that we used to have available, but it now, it just comes in three colors. This little UC02 has a max output of 130 lumens. So, that's quite a bit of output on a small keychain flashlight. It's not very big, I would say a little bit under two inches in length, and I would probably say a half an inch in diameter. So, it's very compact, easy to carry, it does have micro-USB charging capabilities, which is a really nice feature.


Now, this is a twist on keychain light, so, you twist it on and that's essentially how you turn the flashlight on. A quick twist back and forth is what's gonna increase the different outputs. So, let's say you twist it to turn it on, then you go a quick twist back and forth, and that'll increase the different outputs that you have there.

On this one, you do have a high and a low only. On the high, you will get 130 lumens, and on the low you will get 10 lumens. With that 10 lumens, you'll get three hours and 50 minutes, and on the high you will get 25 minutes of run time on that. But, not to worry, as I have mentioned, the UC02 is Micro-USB rechargeable, all you have to do is unscrew the head, and there is a Micro-USB port there where you can plug it in to charge the flashlight. 

It does come in black, blue, and purple. It's also a nice stocking stuffer or a really nice Mother's Day gift, or for that special lady in your life, something that you could really give to her that essentially is gonna be of good use to her.

Moving on, we have the Fenix E15 (discontinued. Check out the Fenix E18R EDC flashlight), personally my favorite. Why? Because it is still compact, very resistant, it can use a CR123 battery, or 16340. With the 16340, you could get up to 450 lumens of output. You heard that right. 450 lumens of output on the 16340. I'll explain how that works. On the CR123 battery, you can only get up to 270 lumens. On the CR123, the most that you'll have is the low, which is gonna be 8 lumens, the mid, which is 50, the high 110, and then the turbo with the CR123 is gonna be 270. On the 16340 battery, which is also a rechargeable battery, keep in mind you will get the 8 lumens on the low, 50 lumens on the mid, 110 lumens on the high, and 450 on the turbo. So some really nice added features there.

The run time on those respectively, on the CR123 is 72 on low, 12 and 30 minutes on them mid, five hours and five minutes on the high, and an hour and 35 minutes on the turbo. On the CR123 it's gonna be a little bit shorter since it is a rechargeable battery. You'll get 40 hours on the low, 9 hours and 25 minutes on the mid, three hours and 15 minutes on the high, and 55 minutes on the turbo.


There is no switch on it. Essentially it is a turn head flashlight, you would just turn the head on it, and that'll activate the flashlight and the different modes on it as well just like the UC02. It has a really strong key ring option to it, where you can hang it on your keys as well.

One other thing that I wanted to mention is that the 16340 is rechargeable battery. So essentially you could consider this almost like a rechargeable flashlight. 450 lumens with the 16340, and we do have a 16340 that has a Micro-USB port. So, essentially you could buy that 16340 that has the Micro-USB port and not have to worry about buying a separate charger for it as well. So, that's a really nice added feature there also. It is rated up to two meters waterproofing, and one meter on shock resistance. So, really nice features there. 132 meters in throw distance, so really, really good features added on there as well. It'll include the key chain, spare O ring, and of course, the user manual and warranty card as well.

These are some of just the three main key chain lights that we have available. I would really consider getting either one of these, or all three if you have the option to do that. They really are good, all around flashlights, definitely pick one up at