Walmart Flashlights Compared to Quality Flashlights!

We all know that 1000 lumens is the standard for any flashlight, but most companies like Fenix make flashlights that have many more lumens! At Fenix Store you will find high powered flashlights that are much better than a high powered light at Walmart or Target or any other discount type store. Even  home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot may not have these amazing flashlights. They may have flashlights that boast lumen output and flood and run time, but as we'll discuss today, there's much more to a high powered flashlight from Walmart. The first thing to consider when shopping for a high powered flashlight is to understand the lumen count. A high powered flashlight at Walmart will typically not have the same quality, assurance, and standards that you will always find with a Fenix Store flashlight. 

ANSI Standard

The first thing to look for is what is called the ANSI Standard. The ANSI Standard is essentially a method of assuring that you will be able to accurately compare the lumen output or the brightness between two different flashlights within the same brand or for even from other brands. The ANSI Standard is a standardized system of measurement, so any flashlight that shows that it is based on the ANSI standard is going to have the brightness level that it advertises. The ANSI standard cannot be used without going through testing and approval. So if the flashlight shows the ANSI Standard, then you'll know that it is the lumen output that it is advertising.

So first thing is that many high powered flashlights from Walmart may not have this ANSI standard. If you don't see that ANSI Standard on the packaging there that lumen output could be about 200 lumens less compared to another flashlight with the ANSI Standard. There's nothing to keep them from just saying whatever level of output they like to do, it can be based on their own testing.

You can't guarantee that a 1000 lumen flashlight that Walmart would carry is going to be the same 1000 lumens that Fenix Store would carry in a high powered flashlight. What Walmart carries may instead be only about 200 lumens when compared to a Fenix Store flashlight.

And that is not the only thing that the ANSI standard covers. ANSI standard also will cover the run times for the batteries. These offbrand lights are made very cheaply. It is not something that can always be trusted.

The second thing that you need to consider besides the ANSI standard is simply what is the warranty that my flashlight has? A Fenix brand flashlight will always carry  a five year warranty of full coverage for parts and labor and a lifetime limited warranty beyond those five years. The lifetime limited warranty will cover all labor charges forever and you'll never have to pay for anything but just the cost of parts and of course they're very reasonably priced it. 


With a high powered flashlight that Walmart might carry, they would typically not have a warranty or would have a very short warranty or a very misleading warranty. The Fenix warranty is very straightforward. If it is within the first five years, you simply send it into a repair center and it is repaired or replaced at no charge to you outside the warranty period. 

Customer Service

The last thing that we would encourage you to consider before buying a high powered flashlight from Walmart or other carriers is the level of customer service that we have here at Fenix Store. We boast ourselves as being the Fenix experts and I think you will find that to be the case if you look around on our website and all of our previous articles. And of course if you call us and speak to our representatives, you'll find that we are very knowledgeable about Fenix products and about flashlight products in general. We will always go above and beyond to do anything that we can do to make a customer happy. Any person that buys from Fenix Store, we consider a Fenix Store customer for life. We will treat every customer that buys from Fenix Store as a lifetime customer.

If you buy a high powered flashlight that Walmart has in stock, you might get a good price, but you might also be sacrificing the quality of the light. The actual lumen output might not be accurate. You're sacrificing a great warranty and most importantly, you're losing out on the great customer service that Fenix Store has to offer. They might be generous in their returns policy, but everyone knows that going to the store and talking to the returns clerk is never a pleasant experience and oftentimes we'll end up taking quite a long time depending on the line. Keep this in mind when purchasing a new flashlight, Fenix Store offers free shipping on every order within the United States, and we have the guaranteed five year warranty on every flashlight we carry, plus a repair center in the United States. Take a look at our Fenix flashlights today.