21700 Rechargeable Fenix Headlamp - the HM70R

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Fenix is going above and beyond with their headlamps this year. They've just announced a new headlamp that's bright, has a long run time, and is perfect for those who use a headlamp for work or outdoor activities. We’re talking about the Fenix HM70R rechargeable headlamp. This thing has had lamp has a lot going for it and we've got quite a few features to cover. So stick around and check out what makes this newest Fenix headlamp so impressive.

Bright Fenix Headlamp

Let's jump right into the output because we know that is one of the most asked about features of any Fenix light. The HM70R Fenix headlamp delivers 1600 lumens max making it one of Fenix's brightest headlamps today. It has three LEDs including a white, a neutral white, and a red.

The three LEDs make this headlamp extremely versatile. The white LED has a bright turbo mode of 1600 lumens and this LED is perfect for searching out larger areas or seeing further in the distance. The neutral white LED is going to render color beautifully and provide a softer light which is great for up-close work. The red light is perfect for signaling or preserving night vision.

Another excellent feature of the HM70R headlamp includes the 180° tilt mechanism. This means you can control the beam of the light and direct the beam wherever you need it. So if you're working or out camping with other people, you can direct the beam away from them to prevent accidentally overwhelming them with light. We've all been there where a headlamp was shined in our eyes and it's not a fun experience.


fenix hm70r rechargeable headlamp


Fenix HM70R Rechargeable Headlamp

The HM70R headlamp runs on a 21700 battery and if you purchase the HM70R you’ll receive a Fenix ARB-L21-5000 21700 battery. So you have everything you need right out of the box with this Fenix headlamp. If you want, you can use an 18650 battery if you have the ALF-18 battery holder. If you have a lot of 18650 flashlights or headlamps, it might be a good idea to invest in the ALF-18 battery holder that way you have the option of using backup 18650 batteries in the HM70R.

Now we talked about the batteries, let's look into it's charging capability. The HM70R is a rechargeable headlamp and it uses USB-C charging so it charges more quickly. It's always great with any 21700 light to have USB-C charging due to the faster charging capabilities of it. When it comes to rechargeable headlamps, Fenix knows what they're doing.

On the side switch there's a battery level indicator that you can check to see the status of your battery. Simply click while the light is off and you'll either see a constant green light meaning your battery is 100 to 85% full, a green flashing light meaning your battery is 85 to 50% full, a red constant light meaning your battery is 50 to 25% full, and a red flashing light meaning your battery's at 25 to 1% and it’s time to charge the battery or replace it.

We also want to mention that this is a long-running headlamp. It has an impressive maximum run time of 100 hours on the low 30-lumen setting and 2 hours on the 1600 lumen setting. Keep in mind, this is with the ARB-L21-5000 battery that comes with the HM70R so if you use a different battery you might not see the same outcomes. Nevertheless, it's awesome to see that this headlamp can last for so long before needing to charge it.

Operating the HM70R Fenix Headlamp

We've covered some general information, let's get more specific and talk about the operation of the HM70R. It has a single side switch that can be locked out and unlocked by holding it for 3 seconds. This is perfect for carrying the headlamp with you and preventing it from turning on accidentally.

You have two modes with this headlamp: a General Mode and a Functional Mode. The General Mode features 4 brightness levels ranging from 30 lumens to 1600 lumens. The Functional Mode features 4 brightness levels including two red light outputs of 5 lumens and two white outputs of 70 lumens and 400 lumens.

The modes are useful and several Fenix headlamps have these different modes that users really love. It gives you more options on how you'd like to use the headlamp and picking which mode works best for which situation.

Another impressive feature of this light is that it has an intelligent memory function. This means it'll remember the last brightness level you used and the next time you turn on the headlamp it will turn on to that brightness level. This is an especially useful feature for battery conservation as well as everyday use.



fenix headlamp hm70r

Unstoppable LED Headlamp

The Fenix HM70R LED headlamp is tough as nails. Its all-aluminum alloy body makes it extremely durable. It has an impact resistance of 2 meters and is IP68 rated waterproof. So there are no worries if you're camping and you get hit with a freak storm. This Fenix headlamp can handle some extreme water.

It's also fitted with a very comfortable headband that has anti-slip silicone strips so it stays on your head. It's perforated to allow airflow and has reflective strips for safety. If you're going to be wearing a light on your head, you want to make sure it's comfortable.

This impressive Fenix headlamp is a great tool for professionals at work and outdoor enthusiasts. When it comes to engineers, those who work in building maintenance, house inspectors, and others the tilt mechanism and the different modes make it easier to adjust the headlamp to suit whatever you need. For outdoor enthusiasts, the long run times, the different modes, and the red LED is going to help you out in the wilderness.

If you're looking to upgrade your headlamp, we highly recommend you check out the Fenix HM70R and see if its features are just right for you.


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