Everyday Carry Flashlights

Everyday Carry Flashlights


    Best EDC Flashlights from Fenix

    An everyday carry flashlight offers the power and functionality you need to get your out of the dark with the portability of a pocket-sized device. Fenix flashlights utilize the most sophisticated technology to offer small devices that don't sacrifice on power. Browse our selection below to find the perfect EDC flashlight for you. To learn more about Fenix's EDC flashlights, take a look at our comprehensive EDC buying guide today. 

    The Best Flashlight is the one You Have on You

    Everyday carry flashlights allow you to comfortably bring essential illumination with you no matter where you are. Whether you’re looking for added convenience when searching through your trunk, or depending on your light to get you out of a dangerous situation,  Fenix has the perfect EDC for your needs.

    The brightest flashlights in the world won’t do you any good if they’re tucked away in your glove compartment when you need them most. Luckily, Fenix’s pocket-sized LED flashlights provide tremendous power so you can bring the best of the search light world with you at all times.

    Everyday carry flashlights are convenient, compact, and very useful. If you've carried a flashlight with you before, you understand just how often an LED flashlight comes in hand. Many people may not think to use a flashlight until absolutely necessary, but it's a good idea to be prepared as darkness is a guarantee whether a light bulb goes out in a room or night time comes. Carrying an EDC light helps you feel safer when walking unlit streets and parking lots, when searching for misplaced items behind furniture, or even dealing with an unexpected power outage.

    Huge Outputs from Small Packages

    Modern LED technology and ultra-efficient power sources bring monster outputs out of flashlights that measure under 4 inches in length! Perfectly refined lenses and reflectors bring out the most of every lumen, casting light in clean and uniform beams that will project hundreds of feet. 

    Types of EDC Flashlights

    All everyday carry flashlights are compact and lightweight, but they can still range in size. A pocket flashlight is designed for everyday carry and to carry in your pocket, as the name implies. These flashlights usually come with clips, allowing you to easily clip the flashlight onto your pocket or onto your jacket, making it extremely convenient to take with you. Many pocket flashlights deliver higher outputs ensuring that the user doesn't lose power to the size. As LED technology advances and flashlight technology advances, we’re seeing brighter and brighter flashlights at smaller and smaller sizes.

    Another example of an everyday carry flashlight is a penlight. These lights are popular among professions such as engineers and doctors due to the light's slim design which allows you to easily slip it in and out of a pocket. Penlights are often easy to operate, provide excellent beams for reading and up close work, and are convenient to carry with you. If you’re used to carrying a pen around, carrying a penlight is very similar and a great beginner EDC light.

    Last but not least, you have the smallest EDC light, the keychain light. This tiny LED flashlight is meant to slip easily onto a keychain and allows you to carry the flashlight with you so long as you have your keys. These lights are extremely popular due to the convenient way of carrying them. Many of them are small enough that they won't bulk up your keyring. Keychain lights are perfect for everybody whether you already own an everyday carry flashlight or you're just looking into owning an everyday carry flashlight.