Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue


    Fenix lights, provided by Fenix Store, can provide a variety of high quality, waterproof and durable lights for professional search and rescue teams. Fenix lights used by SAR teams consist of searchlights, spotlights, EDC flashlights, and headlamps.

    Fenix LR Series Searchlights are the highest-powered, brightest, and longest-reaching lights on the market. They are also extremely durable and reliable in any weather conditions. 

    Fenix Spotlights use high-quality reflectors and LEDs to get the most distance possible out of a smaller chassis. These won’t quite have the wider light output of full-sized searchlights, but the distance they can project their powerful beams will allow you to shine effective light farther than the eye can easily see. 

    Fenix EDC Flashlights are smaller lights that put out a high amount of lumens but can be more easily carried on packs or pockets. 

    Fenix Headlamps provide useful hands-free light whenever you need it. These durable and weatherproof lights will help team see clearly in any low light conditions.