Camping/Hiking Lights

Camping/Hiking Lights


    Best Camping & Hiking Flashlights

    With any outdoor adventure, it's important to have the right gear. Combining their knowledge of LED technology with research into the needs of outdoor adventurers, Fenix delivers the best camping lights and hiking lights on the market. You can expect these LED lights to be powerful, useful, and durable, making any outdoor excursion safer and more fun. Fenix offers a variety of different LED lights including handheld flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns. Each of these has their uses and many outdoor enthusiasts prefer carrying more than one.

    Handheld for the Outdoors

    Starting with handheld flashlights, this category may be the most versatile of the three. Many LED flashlights come with pocket clips for easy carrying and range in size, output, and function. With a handheld flashlight, the user can more easily direct the beam of the light wherever they need to shine it. Also, handheld flashlights often have more distance in their throw than headlamps and lanterns. So if you prefer a flashlight with more distance to it, consider an LED handheld flashlight for your next camping or hiking trip.

    Camping Headlamps

    Headlamps, on the other hand, have the convenience of illuminating the area hands-free. By freeing up your hands, you're better able to work on a task or carry items. Headlamps are especially useful when setting up camp in the dark, running or jogging at night, as well as other tasks that may require both hands. The beam pattern on headlamps is extremely wide and can illuminate even your peripheral. While it may not have much distance in its beam throw, everything will be lit up in front of you thanks to its powerful dispersed beam.

    Camping Lanterns

    Finally, you have camping lanterns which are a favorite tool to bring on camping trips. As many Fenix camping lanterns are magnetic and USB rechargeable, they are practical tools for outdoor adventures. With their powerful outputs, Fenix camping lanterns illuminate the entire campsite, perfect if you're camping in a group and need to iluminate the area. Simply hang a camping lantern from a tree branch, and your campsite has light. It's also perfect to hang in your tent as a small light that you can read by. While each type of LED light has its pros and cons, Fenix has ensured that all of their lights provide excellent features for the task at hand. Between the handheld flashlights, the headlamps, and the lanterns, you'll find the perfect features. Some of these features include extremely high outputs that turn darkness into daytime. Although you may not want to use the highest brightness level at all times which is why Fenix flashlights offer multiple brightness levels to choose from.

    Many flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns feature a mode memory function that will remember the last brightness level you used. This feature is particularly useful in outdoor settings when you prefer to stay on the same brightness level throughout the evening to conserve the battery. It also comes in handy when camping in a group so you don’t accidentally blind your companions.

    Lights that Last Longer

    You can also expect to see long run times with Fenix lights. No camper or hiker wants to constantly have to change out the batteries in their lights. This is why Fenix designs their outdoor flashlights with excellent run times, providing you with the most amount of light for the longest time possible. On a similar note, many Fenix lights are compatible with various battery types, giving you more options with which power source you’d prefer to use.

    No matter your next adventure, a Fenix light is the way to go. Whether you prefer a headlamp, handheld flashlight, or a good camping lantern, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the camping and hiking category. One thing is certain and that is the night will come and bring darkness. With a Fenix flashlight by your side, nothing can stop you from enjoying the great outdoors. Except perhaps a bear.