5 Things to Look for in Camping Lights

The great thing about camping is you can enjoy the outdoors with friends and family for a low-cost weekend adventure. It's a fun activity that doesn't have to be expensive, and it provides peace of mind that you'll have an amazing experience every time. While all of that sounds fun, it can be a pretty dark experience if you don't have the right camping lights.

That's why you need to have good, portable light sources. I know there are a lot of options available, so which one do you need?

So let's get started! We’ll talk about five things to look for in choosing camping lights.

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Have Multiple Lights

It's always easier to get by with more than one light source. For instance, a basic handheld torch or lantern is great for lighting larger areas, while a hands-free headlamp comes in handy if you need to set up your tent in the dark.

Types of Camping Lights

There are many types of camping lights out there. Each type has a different purpose, so you must pick the right ones for the job.

These types of lights can be:


It's pretty obvious, handheld torches like the Fenix LED flashlights are essential to have when you're planning to go camping.

Why? Well, they light up the dark! Plus, they're light, portable, and easy to use. Almost everyone already has a handheld flashlight in their home.


Think about it. Who wouldn't want to have a light source that you don't have to hold? That’s where headlamps come in.

Maybe you're busy pitching a tent in the dark and got your hands full. Consequently, a Fenix headlamp is a hands-free light that can help you see while you work on getting the tent done.


As for a camping lantern, it’s usually used for camping activities (go figure) because it's one of the best light sources you can have. It has a 360-degree flood of light that can illuminate a dark area with ease.

Usually, it comes with a hook so you can hang it on the roof of your tent. If you're wanting a high-quality product, you can get a Fenix rechargeable camping lantern, which is durable and provides a lot of light.

The Power Source

best camping lightsLights need a power source whether you plug them in or supply them with a battery. The power sources can range greatly and these different power sources can affect the light's performance. Each power source has its pros and cons.

These power sources can be:

Battery Operated

Battery-operated camping lanterns are a popular option when camping. They are affordable and easy to use. Just put in some batteries and you'll have no problem with the dark. Unfortunately, batteries don't last forever and will eventually run out of juice. So, bring an extra set of batteries just in case.


With a rechargeable lantern, they usually come with a removable rechargeable battery like an 18650 lithium-ion battery, or a built-in rechargeable battery. Either way, rechargeable batteries need a source where they can charge. It could be your car's battery or a separate one offered at the campground.

You may also find a solar rechargeable lantern! With a solar rechargeable lantern, it needs a few hours in the sun to get power. They're also equipped with a rechargeable battery.


Now some lights still use propane or lamp oil. A fuel-powered camping lantern used to be the most common light source for camping. They're classic and help keep that natural feeling when you're out in the woods.

It’s important to note that this type of camping light emits heat and requires ventilation which is why some people tend to avoid it. Be cautious of using fuel-powered camping lights when you're camping with children and pets.


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Light Bulb Options

There are three types of bulbs that your camping lights can have. Each has different applications, so pick the one that you think is best for your camping trip.

These options can be:


LED lights are an excellent choice for camping. Not only are they tough and durable, but they require very little power to operate. Additionally, it is safe to use by small children or while tending to pets.


Next, we have incandescent bulbs which are one of the oldest types of bulbs, but still a favorite. They produce a warm-colored light that goes to full brightness almost immediately.


Finally, fluorescent bulbs are an alternative camping light option. With their strong light, they provide enough illumination for your campsite.

Other Specs for Camping Lights

Camping lights can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but which one is right for you? These considerations will help make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Ease of Use

Camping lights are important for finding your way in the dark, but reading an instruction booklet when operating them isn't ideal. Luckily, there are now touch-button camping lights that you can use with ease and work as they should.


When it comes to outdoor lights, the brightness depends on the type of light and bulb. Generally, a lantern with around 100 to 600 lumens is preferred for a camping activity.

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A weatherproof or shockproof plastic casing is a must when looking for the best camping light. You never know when your light source may meet an accident, so make sure you get one that is durable to protect your lights.


We've all been there before. You're hiking into the wilderness carrying a bulky backpack full of stuff. It's not fun to walk with all your gear and even less fun the more gear you have.

If you're looking for a lightweight light source that won't take up much room or weight in your pack, then the LED flashlight or lantern is the perfect choice for you.

Battery Life

We don't want our lights suddenly running out of juice in the middle of a dark forest. You can usually find the info under battery life or runtime under the manufacturer's description.

Keep in mind that this time only gives you a rough estimate of how long you can use the lantern without replacing the power source.

Light Up Your Camping Experience

The lighting options seem endless. It's important to consider not only the output but also the light's versatility. Will this light work for just one job or will it pull its weight as a multi-tasker? Again, consider how it's powered and how easy it is for you to obtain and carry batteries.

Remember, when you're planning a camping trip, it's important to take the time to plan. Preparing the right camping lights, food and water, and the gear will make the experience much more enjoyable. Check out Fenix Lights to start preparing for your camping trip!


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