6 Campsite Lighting Ideas That Make For Memorable Nights

Campsite lighting

The best campsite lighting makes for the most memorable nights. Whether it’s the string lights around your site or the glow from your campfire, the right lighting can cozy up your campsite. 

Although there  are hundreds of outdoor lighting options, we cover the most popular and efficient methods for illuminating your campsite to keep your group safe and comfortable.

Quick Takeaways

- 93.8 million Americans went camping in 2021, causing the interest in and need for campsite lighting to dramatically increase
- When choosing campsite lighting, pay attention to power source, durability and number of lumens
- Planning ahead and determining how much light you need is key to having a safe, enjoyable camping experience

Who knew that lighting played such an important role in your camping trip? Illuminating your campsite is easy when you know what to look for and how to make the most of your light.

Why Prioritize Campsite Lighting? 

Last year, over 90 million Americans identified themselves as campers, and every good camper knows that lighting is key to having a memorable experience! 

Campsite lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider for campers who want to see everything they need while enjoying their stay outdoors.

Setting up camp with the right light creates an inviting atmosphere and brings your group together. 

But great campsite lighting is more than just aesthetic and ambience. Appropriate lighting for your next camping trip will also keep everyone safe while moving around your site after dark. 

What to Look For 

While you’re shopping for campsite lighting, pay attention to each option’s power source, brightness and resistance to dirt and moisture. 

Battery Power

Spending time with Mother Nature means limited access to power outlets. Look for battery-powered light sources that don’t have any cords to ensure you have reliable lighting.

With battery-powered lighting, it’s important to pack an extra set of batteries in case the original one runs out of power. Spending time outdoors at night without proper lighting makes room for dangerous situations.


The brightness of your lighting is determined by its number of lumens. Choosing the best campsite lighting for your trip depends on how much light you’ll need. 

Generally, campsite lighting should have anywhere between 300 and 900 lumens to light the surrounding area. 

Lumens needed for outdoor activities at night


Outdoor activities often end with personal items coated with unwanted dirt and moisture. To make sure the performance of your lighting isn’t affected, look for lights with high Ingress Protection, or IP, ratings. 

IP ratings are classified by two-digit codes and indicate the level of protection against water and dust. To understand the different levels of protection, assess the chart below. 

IP rating scale

Image Source: BudInd.com

Campsite lighting with the highest level of protection will have a rating of IP68. Although, lights with a rating of IP55 or higher should be safe as long as you don’t get caught in a rainstorm.

Campsite Lighting Ideas

Knowing how to shop for the best lighting is only the first step to illuminating your next trip outdoors. Below, you’ll find the best ways to bring your campsite, tent and portable lighting to life.


Once the sun goes down, it’s your campsite lighting’s time to shine. These lights are bright enough to illuminate your campsite and can also double as tent lighting in a pinch.

Solar String Lights

As one of the most festive lighting ideas, string lights will set the mood at your campground. Hang these from trees, around a picnic table or drape them around your tent.


MPOWERD Luci String Lights

Image Source: Amazon [affiliate link]

These solar-powered string lights are a great option for illuminating your campsite without worrying about a dying battery. The MPOWERD Luci String Lights come with clips for hanging, weigh less than a pound, and provide up to 100 lumens of light. 

Rope Lights 

This option is similar to string lights without the instinct of getting easily tangled. Rope lights prevent bulbs from catching onto one another and often allow for a quicker set-up.


Luminoodle rope lights

Image Source: Amazon [affiliate link]

The Luminoodle rope lights offer 10 feet of battery-powered, waterproof light. String these rope lights around your campsite or tent for up to 360 lumens of light! 


It’s no secret that you’ll be spending time in your tent after dark. When lighting the inside of your tent, hands-free options with a soft glow are best.


Lanterns are possibly the most versatile lighting option for your campsite because of their portability, size and reliable light.

Not only are they typically compact, durable and lightweight, but they’re also long lasting and child friendly. That means lanterns are perfect for lighting the inside of your tent after illuminating the path of your nighttime walk.

Fenix CL26R

The Fenix CL26R is ideal for any campsite. This model is durable, rechargeable and effortlessly provides lots of light. Its small size and lightweight feel makes it perfect for both stationary and mobile use.

Hanging Bulbs 

This lighting option can be easily hung from the top of your tent to provide all the light you’ll need after dark.


Hanging bulbs for campsite

Image Source: Amazon [affiliate link]

With 3 light modes powered by battery, this 4-pack of 150 lumen bulbs are perfect for providing a soft glow inside your tent. 

Portable Lighting

Outdoor activities after dark call for compact options to light your path. Look for lightweight units to make your adventure as enjoyable as possible!


Headlamps offer hands-free, stable lighting and are perfect for building a fire, cooking a meal and enjoying adventures after dark. 

Fenix HP25R V2.0

The versatile nature of Fenix’s HP25R V2.0 allows for multi-purpose use and provides campsite lighting for all of your favorite activities. This model is lightweight, reliable and easily adjustable making it ideal for a convenient, hands-free experience. 


When you're outdoors at night, it’s always a good idea to keep a lightweight flashlight easily accessible. Flashlights also tend to be the most durable and are great for signaling in the event of an emergency.

Fenix E18R

Image Source Alt-text: Fenix E18R Fenix’s E18R V2 is not only rechargeable but also small enough to fit in your pocket. This model’s far beam distance, technical design and ability for one-hand use make it perfect for navigating your campsite after dark. 

Light Up Your Campsite 

With so many choices for great campsite lighting, you’re sure to have a memorable experience on your next stay outdoors. 

Determining how much light you’ll need and planning ahead is key to having a safe, enjoyable camping trip. 

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