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There are times that your phone may function in a pinch when you need a light. However, investing in good LED flashlights can help you efficiently with your tasks.

The right flashlight saves you time looking underneath furniture, walking in the dark outside, and looking in low-light basements, attics, or closets. The Fenix torch series has been the most popular choice in recent years because of its luminosity, energy efficiency, and durability.

In addition, LED lights are no\w much more versatile compared to those of previous years. With brighter outputs, longer runtimes, and varying sizes, you can find an LED flashlight for any event. In this article, I’ve tested four popular Fenix LED flashlights, detailing the specs along with my experience with each of them

Testing Methodology


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As I mentioned before, I've tested four Fenix LED torches. Each flashlight is powered by an 18650 lithium-ion battery, an AA alkaline battery, or a CR123A lithium battery with a maximum output of approximately 1000 lumens or more.

My first technique of assessment is a simple ceiling-bounce test. In a fully dark room every I’ve put each light three feet away from the white ceiling and switched it on. This enables me to analyze the diffusion of the beam and relative intensity between the torches. Also, I tested every light to traverse a dark cellar.

Lastly, I examined the running times of the lights and their respective temperatures. Moreover, I've been waiting for the batteries to die slowly to know the runtimes of each Fenix torch.

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I suggest Fenix if you're searching for the best brand of LED lights to purchase. Fenix Store offers you premium LED flashlights that fit any requirements.

However, Fenix has a variety of LED flashlights to offer. So, I put below the top four Fenix LED torches that passed the test. With my reviews, hopefully, you can determine which light is best for you. These LED flashlights are dependable in the darkest of environments.


Fenix PD35 TAC


Fenix PD35 TAC LED Flashlight

The Fenix PD35 TAC (Tactical Edition) is a pocket-sized tactical flashlight in pocket size. However, its performance is greater than its predecessor, the Fenix PD35, concentrating on tactical employment. Fenix took the best-selling PD35 LED flashlight, and incorporated new user features to improve its tactical skills.

In addition, it works with two CR123A batteries or a single 18650 battery. This Fenix torch is perfect for outdoor usage, professional use, safety, and law enforcement. So, the PD35 TAC provides dependable and strong illumination for a wide variety of scenarios.


  • Uses Cree XP-L(V5) LED for 50,000 hours of life
  • Tactical and Outdoor Modes for versatility
  • Tactical tail switch with momentary-on
  • Advanced digitally controlled output keeps the brightness steady
  • The low voltage recall shows when battery replacement is necessary


Fenix UC35 V2.0

The Fenix UC35 V2.0 is a rechargeable, pocket-sized, and bright LED flashlight. The CREE XP-L HI V3 LED comes with an output of up to 1000 lumens. Moreover, it can reach a maximum distance of 872 feet/266 meters.

Furthermore, a tail switch and a functioning side switch control the five power levels and strobe mode. Plus, it has boot-up battery level display guarantees that users are ready for the next adventures.

The 3500mAh 18650 lithium-ion battery can be charged in a battery charger or directly in the flashlight using the flashlight’s micro USB port. This rechargeable flashlight is versatile, whether you’re wanting an everyday carry light or an outdoor light. With this in mind, the Fenix UC35 V2.0 is a great tool for military, police, outdoor, and emergency relief applications.


  • Utilizes Cree XP-L HI V3 LEDs for 50,000 hours of life.
  • 5V/2A micro USB rechargeable
  • Single 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery or two CR123A non-rechargeable batteries
  • Battery level and low voltage warning boot-up (Only for 18650 Lithium-ion battery)
  • Protects reverse polarity from incorrect battery insertion


    Fenix PD35 V3.0

    The Fenix PD35 V3.0 is one of the best-LED torches with up to 1700 lumens. It is equipped with Luminus SFT40 LED and offers a distance of 1171 feet and 357 meters. This small yet durable Fenix PD35 V3.0 has five output levels with a quick strobe.

    This updated V3.0 model features a battery level indicator and it comes with one 18650 lithium-ion USB rechargeable battery. Moreover, it is compatible with two CR123A batteries that are resistant to cold.

    Furthermore, its dual switch design, tactical tail, and metal side are quick and easy to operate. All these features packaged the Fenix PD35 V3.0 ideal for various uses. It is recommended for military usage, police, outdoor exploration, emergency lights, and EDC torches.


    • It has a Luminus SFT40 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
    • Single 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery or two CR123 lithium batteries
    • Battery level and low voltage warning boot-up (only with 18650 Lithium-ion battery)
    • Digitally controlled output keeps brightness constant
    • Reverse polarity protection safeguards against incorrect insertion of the battery


      Fenix TK20R


      fenix tk20r rechargeable led flashlight

      The Fenix TK20R is the first rechargeable flashlight of the TK series. It is a beast with a maximum capacity of 1000 lumens and a maximum beam distance of 1,017 feet. Therefore, it is one of the finest tactical flashlights of its kind. The rechargeable Fenix TK20R is just 5.9 inches long and is made from robust aviation aluminum.

      With a built-in micro USB charging connection, you can charge the Fenix TK20R flashlight easily. No worries about having a battery charger. Even in a rush, you can charge this light in your car using the micro USB cable provided.

      Furthermore, one 18650 or two CR123 batteries power the Fenix TK20R tactical flashlight. It is one of the greatest torches you'll ever have; you'll realize why it passed my test.


      • It has Cree XP-L HI V3 LED for 50,000 hours of life
      • Rechargeable Micro-USB
      • Made of robust aluminum-grade aircraft
      • Grip Ring for anti-slip and anti-roll
      • Smart memory circuit recalls last utilized level of brightness


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      Fenix provides the market's finest and brightest LED torches. I made this guide to identify some of the great lights from this renowned company. Fenix offers the best high-performing torches on the market and excellent customer service. To learn more about Fenix lights, check out their blog or browse their premium LED flashlights