Bright things come in small packages...

Fenix E16 LED Flashlight


No bulging pockets! When you drop your coins into your pockets, add one of these lights to the mix. Sometimes you don't want a holstered flashlight on your belt, BUT you know you can never be without a flashlight. We have the solution right here.

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As always, we appreciate your continued business and support. Remember, we are Fenix Experts.  

Fenix E03R

Fenix E16

Fenix E18R

Fenix UO-M1


Fenix E16


Customer Testimony

"I just want to say how happy I am with my flash light. I work at a paint plant and my flash light fell in a tank of acid water and was about 12 feet under for 8 days. When I got it out, let it dry, and changed the battery it still works like new. I'm so happy with it I bought my son one for Christmas."

Jason B. - August, 2020