Brightest LED Flashlights | Rechargeable and Non-Rechargeable Flashlights


First on our list is the Fenix LR80R with a max output of 18000 Lumens. What would you do with a flashlight with this many Lumens? Search and Rescue! This is the perfect light for any search and rescue operation. It is powered by a 12000mAH battery that is charged inside the light! No more having to hassle with external chargers; the Fenix LR80R has you covered. Another great application for this light would be for land management. Throughout the years we have had many farmers and landowners calling in to find the highest lumen flashlight. Have a lot of acreages? The Fenix LR80R will be your best companion with a max throw distance of 3707 Feet, you will be able to see all the coyotes around your land. This super bright LED flashlight can be purchased at for only $449.95. Bring on the lumens!

2. Fenix LR50R | 319.95 | 12000 Lumens Max 


This is the second brightest LED flashlight in the Fenix Lineup. The Fenix LR50R boasts 12000 Lumens at max output and a very reasonable price only $319.95. So what makes this light so special? We know that 12000 lumens are a lot of light, but the added bonus is that the Fenix LR50R also has a USB discharging function! This light is powered by a rechargeable battery pack, but can be used with four 21700 batteries. We would recommend this light for hiking and searching purposes. The two operational modes of this flashlight make it versatile for many different situations. Another great feature of the LR50R is that it's a USB-C rechargeable flashlight. Pick one up today at for only $319.95

3. Fenix LR40R | 269.95 | 12000 Lumens Max 


Another 12000 lumen flashlight? Yes! The Fenix LR40R may have the same lumens as the LR50R, but it is a completely different light. So what's so great about this light? First, the fact that this light punches out this high amount of lumens, second is the fact that it is USB rechargeable (specifically USB-C), and third that it has both a spotlight and floodlight! What else could you want from a flashlight? The Fenix LR40R was designed with search and rescue in mind. The spot and flood light feature is perfect for first responders and search and rescue. It also has a discharge function meaning you can use it as a power bank and charge up your USB devices. When it comes to lighting up the night quickly with the power of the sun, the LR40R is the flashlight for the job. 

4. Fenix LR35R | 199.95 | 10000 Lumens


Meet the new kid on the block! So far he has made a great impression. First of all the Fenix LR35R is one of the best floodlights that you will ever find thanks to its 6 LEDs. This is not just a floodlight, but also the best companion for outdoor adventures or a general use flashlight if you have a lot of land. The Fenix LR35R is a mid-size light so it's only about five and a half inches long and two inches wide. It features a side switch to operate this LED flashlight along with a lockout function so it doesn't accidentally turn on when you don't want it to. The LR35R runs on two 21700 lithium-ion batteries and it's a rechargeable flashlight. So you can charge the batteries up in the flashlight using a USB-C cable making it a convenient flashlight. With its multiple outputs and strobe mode, this rechargeable LED flashlight is ready for anything. Pick one up at for only $199.95

5. Fenix TK72R | 329.95 | 9000 Lumens 


Looking for a unique bright LED Flashlight that still packs a punch? Here is your answer! The Fenix TK72R with a max output of 9000 lumens and a throwing distance of 286 meters. This is the perfect backup for a Fenix RC40 and LD75 Flashlight. With 9000 Lumens the Fenix TK72R meets all the demands for outdoor and search and rescue needs. So what makes this flashlight unique? Well it doesn't have outputs exactly. Instead, you can choose your own brightness level ranging anywhere from 100 to 9000 lumens! The TK72R is operated by three switches, one of which turns the light on and off and two that look like a + and - that access the outputs. The + increases the output with a single click and you can hold it down for less than a second to access an instant 5000 lumen output. The - button decreases the output and holdign it down gives you instant access to a 200 lumen output. Not only that, but the Fenix TK72R LED flashlight has a memory function so it'll turn onto the last brightness level you used. To make things more convenient, Fenix designed the TK72R with an OLED screen that displays the runtime, output, and remaining battery level. This may be one of the coolest flashlights you've ever seen. It also runs on a battery pack that's rechargeable. This is an all-in-one durable flashlight that will last for years to come. Pick one up today at for only 329.95.