Check out the NEW multi-color LED Flashlights

Multi-color LED lights are making headway.  Here are two new lights introduced into the Fenix catalogue.

The Fenix TK26R features a 1500 lumen white light output plus up to 200 lumens of colored light!

 The Fenix TK26R is one of the best color LED flashlights that Fenix has released yet and the only rechargeable colored flashlight available from Fenix! It is a rechargeable flashlight with 3 LEDs. The Luminus SST40 LED provides a 1500 lumen white output and CREE XP-E2 LEDs provide the green and red colored LED options. The TK26R includes the ARB-L18-3500 18650 Battery with 3500mAh capacity and features a Type-C USB port for direct onboard charging. The light is also compatible with two CR123A batteries for use if your 18650 ever runs out of juice! The TK26R will last as long as you can with up to 100 hours runtime and will protect you when things get dicey with its strobe mode accessed via the dual-switch tactical tail cap.
Fenix TK26R as a colored traffic wand

All your hunting needs in one package with the Fenix TK32 light with red and green LED!

NOTE: THE TK32 has been discontinued.

 The flared head of the Fenix TK32 gives you the amazing 1385 foot throw from this excellent multicolor LED flashlight. Using a single 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries, you have plenty of options to power this light on your next hunt. With a dual switch tail cap, you have quick and easy access with this multi LED flashlight. The white output offers 1000 lumens using a Cree XP-L HI V3 LED and the multicolor LED options give two brightness levels each of red and green using the Cree XQ-E colored LEDs. At a maximum of 105 lumens of red light and 165 lumens of green light, the TK32 does not mess around when it comes to colored outputs! These are some of the brightest lights colored flashlights around!