Do You Need an EDC Flashlight?

As humans, we always have certain items we can’t live without and bring in our daily hustle and bustle. But many of us may have an everyday carry flashlight (or EDC flashlight in short) in our bags or pockets. This type of flashlight is like an ordinary flashlight but smaller and more portable.

Why Do You Need an EDC Flashlight?

You might ask yourself, “I’m not an electrician or a mechanic, so why do I need to get an EDC light?” The short answer is everyone can benefit from having an EDC flashlight like those at Fenix Store. To further support that claim, here are some of the best scenarios where an EDC flashlight comes in handy:

Power Outages

The most obvious reason to have an EDC flashlight is power outages. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, we experienced at least 5.8 hours of power interruptions in 2018. It’s almost six times higher than the 2016 statistics. However, in states that experience major weather events like North Carolina, these power outages can last for 30 hours.

EDC or flashlights, in general, are great for power outages. The beauty of this kind of flashlight is you can carry it wherever. Unlike general flashlights that you need to fetch from a drawer while navigating through the dark, EDC flashlights are meant to fit in a pocket or comfortably in a bag.

Unexpected Car Trouble

Everyone at some point has had car trouble, often getting stuck on the road. You can turn to different companies for roadside help, but that’s extra coverage from your car insurance. Some of us don’t have the privilege of having that add-on so we rely on our own knowledge to fix minor car issues.

An EDC flashlight is the best tool you can have (other than wrenches and a car jack), particularly when driving at night. The flashlight is a cheap investment that will help you with any unexpected car problems. Some everyday carry flashlights have an SOS setting which is great for calling a passing car’s attention.

Having Some Peace of Mind

Most of us enjoy the nightlife or work late hours. We always find ourselves walking in a poorly lit street and sometimes alone. This situation makes us uneasy and just a small sound makes us walk faster. An everyday carry will make those late-night walks easier and give us the peace of mind we need. EDC flashlights are also great whenever you find yourself in a dark parking lot.

Defensive Tool

Social scientists and urban planners have stressed the importance of a well-lit street in reducing the crime rate. Some cities and countries have already agreed to it, but their efforts are still minimal. The best way we can protect ourselves is to have an EDC flashlight with us wherever we go.

An everyday carry flashlight is also a great defensive tool. You can use the highest beam setting to induce temporary blindness and disorient any attackers. Moreover, the length of its beam helps you check dark places from afar.

Illuminating Dark Paths and Places

This reason is clear. It would help if you had a flashlight, specifically an EDC light, to brighten any dark places or paths. This kind of flashlight is helpful when you’re hiking or camping to avoid any dangerous paths or cliffs. The flashlight’s low settings are useful when you don’t want to startle any wild animals you come across.

Finding Items

Several of us are stubborn and don’t use lights when looking for something even though it’d make our search easier, especially when looking in a closet or underneath furniture. However, during a power outage, it’s a lot harder to look for any items you may need. We have our smartphones, but what will you do when it doesn’t have any power or has very little power? Not to mention, it’s important to save up the battery for your phone in case the power outage lasts a while. An EDC light will help you rummage through your things with ease.

With its small size, you can use it when you’re checking places where there’s no light. These places may include under your car seat, under the sink, or in a dark shed.

What to Look for in an EDC Flashlight?

You may think that picking out an everyday carry flashlight is a walk in the park, but it’s quite the contrary. There are so many features to consider and so many flashlights on the market that finding a good EDC light can be tough. After reading this guide, you can check out Fenix Store to browse for more options and help you choose. In the meantime, here are some of the factors you need to consider when picking an EDC flashlight:

Output level

An EDC flashlight’s output level or lumens relies on the type of job it is used for. A low output level is best for simple tasks like looking under your desk or bed. Flashlights with high lumens are perfect for car repairs or police work.

It would be best if you also considered the distance or how far the flashlight’s beam travels. Cops need a tactical EDC light, which can throw light farther when scouting a dark place.

Size and Weight

Some flashlights label themselves as everyday carry but are bulky and heavy. With EDC flashlights, the size and weight play a huge factor. They need to be compact and lightweight to be called one. The best ones out there are those that pack ample light while staying under four to five inches.

Moreover, pockets can only fit small items like a wallet or phone. A heavy flashlight will become a burden if you want to clip it to your belt.

Power Options

There are two main power options an EDC flashlight has: replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries. Replaceable batteries like A.A. or AAA are always available and don’t need too much maintenance. On the other hand, an EDC with rechargeable batteries requires a bit more care but lasts longer in the end. Most of us prefer rechargeable ones because it removes the need to bring an extra set of batteries.


An everyday carry flashlight needs to perform what it was intended to be used for. You need to check how easy it is to control. You should easily find the power button either at the side or at the bottom of the flashlight. It also needs to have a simple interface for hassle-free usage.

Some of us also consider the carrying option as part of usability. For example, EDC flashlights can either be secured using a pocket clip, lanyard, or in your pocket. Others also prefer those with a strobe mode that acts as a signal.

Final Thoughts

There are different reasons why you need an everyday carry flashlight. Having one greatly increases the quality of your daily life and lets you be prepared for anything.