Expert Flashlight Review | Fenix RC09

Fenix E18R is your new Tiny Powerhouse Favorite!

While the RC09 may have been discontinued, its legacy has been left in good hands with the E18R! The Fenix E18R is very similar in many ways to the RC09, but has a more modern design and an even more impressive lumen output!

The major upgrade here is that the Lumen output is upgraded all the way up to 750 lumens! This amazing output comes from a light that is less than 2.5 inches long! Other features that made the RC09 great are present in the E18R too! The light has a magnetic base and is directly rechargeable. It includes a rechargeable 16340 battery and uses single-switch operation that is protected by a lockout function! The E18R flashlight is everything you loved in the RC09 flashlight and more!

Fenix E18R Rechargeable EDC flashlight on table with keys


Fenix RC09 Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

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Thank you for joining us once again, this is Judy with  I wanted to tell you about my favorite Fenix Flashlight for going camping. And that would be the Fenix RC09, and I want to tell you all about it first. It is so versatile and the reason is because it has a magnetic cable to charge it. It has a cable that is magnetic, and it sucks onto the flashlight as soon as you put that cable close to the flashlight itself. It also has a micro USB port, which when you go camping, we still like to read, and so I've got to have a little mini USB to plug in my Kindle, so I can read and keep it going.

The other thing that's really versatile about the Fenix RC09 is that it takes a 16340 battery, which comes with it, which is rechargeable, or if you don't find someplace to charge it, you can use the CR123 batteries, which I always carry some extra CR123 batteries for it. That way, like I said, if I'm camping, and I cannot get to an electrical outlet, or charge it in my car, I can always use the CR123.

The other thing about the RC09, is that it has a two-position clip. Not all the flashlights do that. Sometimes you want to be able to hang it on your pocket like upside down, or right-side up. You may for some reason for doing that and you can change the position of this clip, which like I said, you can't do that on all the flashlights.

The other thing that's really cool about the Fenix RC09 is that it's got a magnetic bottom to the flashlight itself. If you needed to stand it up on a metal table, like on your camping table, you can just put it on the table, and it magnetically holds on to the table. Or if some reason you were doing something under the table, you could hang it by just clicking it onto bottom of the table. Upside or right side up, it has a magnetic bottom to it, so you can just hang it or put it up for a lamp. Kind of like a lamp.

It also has just one switch. You don't have one switch to turn it on and one switch to change the mode. There's just one switch. You hold the button down for two or three seconds and it comes on. And then you just bump the button, and that's what changes your mode level from low, medium, high to turbo. That's how it does it. Then you hold it down again to turn it off. There's another really nice thing about it is that it has a lock-out on it so that you can lock that little button. You bump it two times and that locks it, and that way it doesn't come on in your pocket by mistake.

Anyway, that's what I like about the Fenix RC09, and I want to give you some information as far as the size of the light and everything like that. The length of this light is 2.83". You know, when you go camping, you've got to have all your camping gear, you got to have your tent, you got to have your sleeping bag, got to have a mattress or something like that so that your sleeping bag isn't so uncomfortable. So, size and weight makes a difference because of all the stuff that you have with your camping gear. The diameter of the head is .85", so it's not really an inch even in the diameter of the head. The weight of the flashlight is 1.59 ounces, which is really light, it's not even two ounces. Of course, that doesn't include the battery or the cable. 1.59 ounces or 49 grams, that would be the weight of the flashlight by itself. If you have any questions let me know, this is Judy, have a great day.

Another thing about the RC09 that it is corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant. That means that even though you are out in the summertime, and it gets so hot, it's not going to affect your light at all. That's another thing that's really good about the Fenix RC09. So, anyway it's a great everyday carry flashlight. Hope you look at the RC09, have a great day.

The other thing I wanted to let us know is about the brightness levels of the RC09. You have four output modes. Low is five lumens. Sometimes low is really enough for even reading in the dark. Medium is 50 lumens, and the high is 150 lumens, and then turbo is 550 lumens, which is a lot. You know, when you're out camping and you've got to walk around on the grounds, you really want to be careful because there are potholes, there are rocks, there's stones that you want to be able to see at night. If you're getting up and going to the bathroom or something, and you have to do that, you want to make sure that you can get to that place, the shower room, without tripping over anything and hitting yourself. Anyway, those are the brightness levels, and hope you'll look at that Fenix RC09. Have a great day.