Fenix BC35R Bike Light - Versatile and Fun

The all new Fenix BC35R has been released. Today we will give a short overview of this all new Fenix Bicycle light. The Fenix BC35R Bike Light has a max output of 1800 Lumens on the Burst mode. This all new bike light also has 4 different output levels. It is a rechargeable bicycle light and includes a 5200mAH Li-ion battery that carries a 2 year warranty.

Let's discuss some of the great features of this Fenix bicycle light. As mentioned previously is has a total of 4 outputs not include the flash and the Burst. The burst give a total of 1800 lumens. The flash provides a total of 150 lumens to signal oncoming pedestrians. The other 4 levels are Turbo at 1000 lumens, High at 400 lumens, mid at 150 lumens and low at 45 lumens. The variety of output levels allow you to use this bike light in a multitude of scenarios. For example some days may not be completely dark or just cloudy, to not blind pedestrians you can use the mid levels of the fenix BC35R to navigate through your trail or the city. And if you are riding your bike during the night or out in the pitch black woods you can use the Turbo and burst setting to make sure your are still on the trail.

Another great feature of the Fenix BC35R is the cut-off facula. This innovative cut off facula allows for maximum beam illumination if needed with blinding oncoming traffic. Additional features include the OLED display and the intelligent anti-theft protection and monitoring. The Fenix BC35R also includes a durable and sturdy quick release bike mount for easy access to charing or using the light as a secondary flashlight. The the BC35R also has a built in micro USB port for effortless charging before long bike rides. The Overheat protection prevents the light from being damaged internally from extended periods of use. Itis operated by three buttons, one to turn the bike light on and off, and two separate buttons for increase and decrease in lumen output.

We recommend the Fenix BC35R for any serious biker. The light is perfect for use in both city and suburban areas and also backroads or dirt bike trails. The Fenix BC35R will last a lifetime, the body is designed from high strength aluminum and has reliable Cree LED’s. The Cree LED’s on the Fenix BC35R offer high output lighting. The 1800 burst output can light up anything on your trail and is just a bright as some car lights. And the 5200mAH battery has a total of 500 recharge cycles. If you were to charge the BC35R once every weekend for a bike ride the battery would last a total of 9½ years.

The added flash feature really keeps commuters and cyclists safe while riding. You can signal both for help or just to let oncoming cyclists that your are headed in their direction. The quick release bike mount can be used on most bicycles. The bike mount also includes 2 shims to adjust for variable width handlebars. The battery life of the BC35R on the Turbo is 2.2 hours. If a cyclist bike at a steady pace for this period of time you can also burn up to 500 calories in just 1 hour. The BC35R can keep up with anyones active lifestyle. Pick up a Fenxi BC35R today at Fenix-Store.com for only $129.95 plus FREE SHIPPING.