Fenix Best of the Best 2015

Fenix-Store's Top Choices for 2015

updated for 2021

Fenix-Store's Top Choices for 2021

Best Lantern:

Fenix CL25R (now discontinued; see CL26R)


400 Lumen output with 400 hours runtime! Recharging port built-in, and multiple colors available!

Best AA Flashlight:

Fenix LD41 (now discontinued; see LD42)


1000 lumen output with rotary switch for one-handed power and brightness selection! Unique rectangular body design.

Best Hunting Flashlight:

Fenix TK32


The Fenix TK32 offers 1000 lumens white light plus red and green light options as well! The large head also give it a very good throw, up to 422 meters! This is a great options for your hunting trips!

Best bright headlamp:

Fenix HL55 (now discontinued; see HL60R)

The HL60R has been a fan-favorite for as long as it's been out! This 950 lumen headlamp is compact, bright, and USB rechargeable. As an additional bonus, it also features two small red LEDs that can be used for map-reading in the dark.

Best compact headlamp:

Fenix HL50 (now discontinued; see HM50R V2)


The HM50R V2 is the third in a series of excellent compact headlamps. What was originally the HL50, was upgraded to the HM50R and now the HM50R V2. All of these awesome headlamps have been extremely bright for their size and have featured the ability to easily remove the light from the headband, making it great to use as a handheld mini-flashlight as well! The HM50R V2 features USB C Fast Charging and a 700 lumen maximum output with white and red lighting options.

Best spot/flood headlamp:

Fenix HP30 (now discontinued; see HP25R V2)


The HP25R V2 features a 1600 lumen maximum output, USB-C recharging and a separately controlled spot, flood, and red light! This is the headlamp for you if you like choices! Run the two white lights independently or turn them both on to achieve the full 1600 lumen output! A great choice when working up close or at a distance.

Best EDC/Tactical combo light:

Fenix PD35 (now discontinued; see PD35 V3)


The PD35 V3 is the latest in a long line of excellent PD35 flashlights. Since the original one came out, the PD35 has always been one of the most popular flashlights from Fenix. The Version 3 upgrades the lumen output and the beam throw. With a 1700 lumen output and a 357 meter throw, this light will hold its own against another light much larger than it is. It still uses just one 18650 or 2 CR123A batteries. This tried and true model won't let you down!

Best rechargeable EDC flashlight:

Fenix UC30 (now discontinued; see E30R)


The Fenix E30R is the ultimate general-use flashlight. Super bright at 1600 lumens, directly rechargeable, battery included, super compact at less than 4 inches. It even features a lockout function for safe pocket carry. The E30R's thin lens allows for a wonderfully soft and balanced beam.

Best pocket EDC flashlight:

Fenix PD25


To close out our list today we have the PD25 flashlight. This compact EDC pocket flashlight features 550 lumens and includes a USB-rechargeable 16340 battery so you get everything you need in one package!