Fenix Best-Selling AA Battery Flashlights--Sticking to the Basics

AA Flashlights Make Great EDC or Emergency Flashlights!

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the lights in the image below have been discontinued. See here for current AA LED Flashlights!


Greetings, Fenix Friends

Getting back to basics! This week we are focusing on the standard AA alkaline battery-powered lights. Every day we hear from customers who want a "flashlight that uses batteries I can get at the local convenience store." Well, here you go...

Looks like we should have two rechargeable flashlights announced next week. The spring releases are going to be great enhancements to the product line.

Have a great weekend as you light your world with Fenix.


Fenix LD41 has been upgraded to the Fenix LD42! The LD42 is a rotary selection flashlight with the same unique body design that made the LD41 so popular.

While the Fenix E25UE has been discontinued, we recommend the Fenix E20 V2 as a good alternative. The E25UE did offer a 1000 lumen output but that was only with special 14500 batteries. The output of the E20V2 flashlight beats the AA battery output of the E25UE and is in an even smaller package!

The Fenix LD11 has also been discontinued but it was replaced with the great Fenix LD12. This light offers a 320 lumen maximum output in a very similar body design. The main difference is that the LD11 only had a tail cap switch but the LD12 has both the tail switch and a side switch.