Fenix Gift Guide: Fenix Flashlight Bundles for All

Key takeaways

  • Comprehensive Offerings: Fenix-Store.com provides a full spectrum of Fenix products, tailored for various needs including outdoor adventures, everyday carry (EDC), and tactical uses.

  • High-Quality and Durable: Fenix flashlights are known for their durability and reliability, making them more than just tools—they are long-term investments.

  • Bundle Benefits: Purchasing a bundle from Fenix not only saves money but also ensures that you have all necessary accessories matched and ready for immediate use.

  • EDC Essentials: The Fenix PD35 V3 Everything You Need Bundle stands out as the ultimate EDC flashlight kit, featuring a compact yet powerful flashlight, multiple charging options, and additional accessories for emergency preparedness.

  • Emergency Readiness: The Power Outage Preparedness Bundle is designed to deliver high performance and prolonged usability during power outages, making it an essential home safety kit.

  • Tactical Advantages: The TK20R V2 Tactical Favorites Bundle caters to the needs of law enforcement and security personnel with its high-intensity beam and tactical operation features.

  • Compact Convenience: The E12 V2 Bundle offers a portable and easy-to-use solution for those seeking a small yet effective flashlight, perfect for everyday carry on a keychain.

  • Community Engagement: Fenix encourages customer feedback via their Facebook page to continually adapt and enhance their product offerings based on user needs and preferences.

  • Versatility and Accessibility: Fenix bundles are designed to suit a variety of lifestyles and professional requirements, emphasizing versatility and accessibility in all their products.

As the season of giving approaches, Fenix Store stands ready with the ideal solutions for everyone from the avid outdoorsman to the everyday urban dweller. Fenix's reputation for creating high-quality, durable gear is unmatched, making their products not just purchases but lifelong investments. At Fenix-Store.com, we offer the complete line of Fenix products, along with essential survival tools and accessories designed to enhance any adventure, regardless of skill level.

Fenix PD35 V3 Everything You Need Bundle: The Ultimate EDC Kit

Fenix PD35 V3 Everything You Need Bundle

The Fenix PD35 V3 is a powerhouse in the realm of everyday carry (EDC) flashlights, and this bundle leaves nothing to chance. Included in this comprehensive kit is the PD35 V3 LED flashlight, renowned for its 1700 lumen output encased in a compact frame that fits comfortably in your pocket or bag. Ideal for anyone from professionals to casual users who demand reliability and performance on the go.

This bundle is enhanced with a battery and charging system that ensures your light is ready whenever you need it. With two ARB-L18-3500U USB rechargeable li-ion batteries included, you can charge one while using the other. Additionally, the bundle includes a Fenix battery charger and a traffic wand attachment, transforming your flashlight into a versatile tool for directing traffic or signaling during emergencies.

Fenix Power Outage Preparedness Bundle: Be Ready When the Lights Go Out

Power Outage Emergency Preparedness Bundle

Prepare for unexpected power outages with the Fenix Power Outage Preparedness Bundle. This kit is designed to offer peace of mind with its focus on readiness and resilience. It features the robust Fenix LR40R, a rechargeable searchlight capable of an impressive 12000 lumen output, making it your go-to light source during any blackout.

The bundle includes two additional 21700 rechargeable batteries, ensuring extended usability, alongside a multi-functional USB power adapter that can charge your light and other devices simultaneously. For added convenience, a magnetic hook is also part of the package, allowing you to hang the flashlight for hands-free illumination.

Fenix TK20R V2 Tactical Favorites Bundle: Designed for the Defender

Fenix TK20R V2 Tactical Favorites Bundle

For those who require a tactical advantage, the Fenix TK20R V2 Tactical Favorites Bundle is unmatched. This bundle is tailored for law enforcement, security professionals, and anyone needing a reliable tactical light. The TK20R V2 LED flashlight at the heart of this bundle delivers a powerful 3000 lumen beam with a reach of 475 meters, perfect for clear visibility in any situation.

Included are two ARB-L21-5000U rechargeable batteries, a charging cable, and a tactical ring for enhanced grip. The package also comes with a holster and a car charger, ensuring your light is charged and ready whether you're in the field or on the move.

Fenix E12 V2 Batteries and Charger Bundle: Compact Power for Every Pocket

Fenix E12 V2 With Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

The Fenix E12 V2 Bundle is designed for those who need reliable light without the bulk. This flashlight is small enough to fit on a keychain yet powerful enough to deliver up to 160 lumens from a single AA battery. Its simple, one-button operation makes it accessible for anyone.

This bundle includes two rechargeable AA batteries and a Fenix battery charger, making it an excellent choice for everyday carry. Whether you're navigating the city or need a backup light for your car, the E12 V2 is an excellent companion.

Shop and Save: Discover the Full Range of Fenix Flashlight Bundles

Our carefully selected bundles offer versatility and value, helping you equip yourself with the best tools without the hassle of matching accessories and lights. You can explore our full selection of bundles and the entire Fenix product line at Fenix-Store.com. Find the perfect flashlight combo to suit your needs, and join the Fenix family today.

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