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The time for giving is here and Fenix-Store has the perfect gifts for the hunters, campers, and gear-geeks in your life! Fenix builds high-quality gear that will last a lifetime. These ultra-bright flashlights are ideal accessories for outdoor enthusiasts, police officers, and EMT’s. At Fenix-Store.com, we take pride in selling the full Fenix product line plus survival tools and gear to outfit backpackers and adventurers of all skill levels.

Fenix Hunter’s Gear: TK22 V2 Hunting Bundle

Fenix TK22 V2 hunting bundle; included products for hunting kit

Any hunter will appreciate the spectacular Fenix TK22 V2 Hunting Bundle combo deal. For starters, we’ve included the 1600 lumen TK22 V2 LED flashlight.

Powered by a single 21700 battery, this light makes for an ideal primary flashlight. Hunters love its rugged construction. Four brightness levels allow users to choose the perfect amount of light for their needs and save battery life whenever possible. For the battery, this hunting kit includes the ARB-L21-5000 21700 battery. This 5000mAh battery can be charged with the included ARE-D1 Smart Battery Charger, which is capable of charging most rechargeable batteries! This kit also includes the AOD-M Diffuser Tip that fits the TK22 V2, turning its brilliant beam into a candle or lantern style light source.

In addition to the light and the battery and charger to power it, you'll also receive everything that you need to mount the light to take it on your next hunting trip. The ALG-00 Picatinny Flashlight Mount, the ALG-05 Picatinny Remote Switch Mount, and the AER-04 Remote Pressure Switch are all included in this great bundle as well.

This package is the perfect gift for hunters and sportsmen looking for tough gear that will keep them out of the dark for years to come. Buy more, save more with the TK22 V2 Hunting Bundle!

Fenix EDC Combo: UC35 V2 LED Flashlight Bundle

Rechargeable Fenix UC35 V2 with extra battery and diffuser for emergencies

This package is focused on Everyday Carry use (flashlight for EDC use). We’ve bundled together all the gear you might need to use and carry your light with you daily or in an emergency. The bundle includes batteries and a diffuser accessory.

With this EDC Flashlight kit you'll receive the best-selling flashlight and ever-popular UC35 V2 rechargeable LED Flashlight, an additional ARB-L18-2600 18650 Battery, and an AOD-S Diffuser Tip. Keep in mind that the UC35 V2 already includes the ARB-L18-3500 18650 battery, so that means you're getting a flashlight, two batteries, and a diffuser tip, all for one great price.

Having two batteries allows you to immediately swap out in the event that one drains, and the diffuser tip will allow you to turn your UC35 V2 into an ultra-bright emergency light like a lantern. There is no need for a separate charger, because the Fenix UC35 V2 charges internally using a Micro-USB connection!

Be ready for your daily commute or for a power outage with the UC35 V2 LED Flashlight Bundle.

Tactical Light Package: TK11 TAC Picatinny Bundle

Fenix TK11 TAC Bundle is great for police officers. Includes, battery charger, and mounting accessories!

This one is for all the gun mounted flashlight and tactical users out there, especially the police officers. The Fenix TK11 TAC Picatinny Bundle features the brand-new TK11 TAC with the patented Advanced Pulse Frequency system from Fenix. The APF System allows for the excellent rotary switch that swaps the light between the normal Duty Mode and the special Tactical Mode. With the small number of available brightness levels on the Duty Mode and the always-on-high Tactical Mode, the TK11 TAC is designed to be a flashlight for police. The Duty Mode allows normal selection between three different output levels to be used during the normal shift, and you can easily change to the Tactical Mode using the rotary switch on the tail. The Tactical Mode will only access High and Strobe so you know the light will be ready to go as soon as the baddies show their faces. Plus, all of this is controlled from the tail cap making it ideal for use as a tactical grip flashlight.

The bundle includes the Fenix TK11 TAC Flashlight, and ARB-L18-2600 18650 Battery, ARE-D1 Smart Battery Charger, ALG-00 Gun Mount, AER-02 V2 Remote Pressure Switch, and ALG-05 Pressure Switch Mount so you'll have everything you need for your night shift. Plus, they'll get two non-rechargeable CR123A Batteries to keep in the glove box of the officer's patrol car for emergencies.

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