Fenix LD12R - Better Battery Flexibility

Key takeaways:

  • The Fenix LD12R offers a powerful 600 lumens brightness with a 610-feet beam distance.
  • It features a magnetic body clip for convenient hands-free use.
  • The flashlight includes a USB Type-C port for quick charging.
  • It's compatible with both a 14500 rechargeable battery and a standard AA battery.
  • Designed with durability in mind: IP68 waterproof rating and 1.5-meter impact resistance.

Fenix LD12R Rechargeable LED Flashlight

In the world of compact flashlights, the Fenix LD12R stands out as a versatile and powerful option for those who demand both functionality and reliability. Priced at $59.95, this dual-light source flashlight delivers up to 600 lumens of brightness with a beam distance of 610 feet, ensuring that darkness is no barrier to your adventures or tasks. It's uniquely designed with a main front LED for powerful illumination and an additional side LED that serves as a convenient reading lantern.

Fenix LD12R Compact Rechargeable LED Flashlight

What makes the LD12R particularly attractive is its magnetic body clip, which offers hands-free operation by attaching to most metallic surfaces. This feature, coupled with its compact size (4.76 inches in length and 2.61 ounces in weight), makes it a perfect companion for various activities, from camping to mechanical work, where both hands need to remain free. The flashlight also boasts a hidden USB Type-C port for easy and fast charging, ensuring you're never left in the dark.

Powered by an included 14500 rechargeable battery, the LD12R is a great example of Fenix's impressive line of rechargeable flashlights. It is also compatible with a standard AA battery, adding an extra layer of versatility. Its intelligent memory circuit, IP68 waterproof rating, and 1.5-meter impact resistance further enhance its appeal as a durable and dependable tool for everyday carry, outdoor adventures, and professional use.

Included with the LD12R are several accessories, including a USB Type-C charging cable, lanyard, spare O-ring, user manual, and warranty card, ensuring you have everything you need to get started. For more details, you can view the product on the Fenix Store website​.