Fenix LR80R Ultra Bright Searchlight

Fenix has released another phenomenal searchlight to add to their LR series. Meet the Fenix LR80R - an extremely bright rechargeable searchlight with outstanding performance. Bursting with features, the LR80R is perfect for search and rescue and outdoor adventures.

Unstoppable 18000 Lumens

The LR80R is one of the brightest flashlights Fenix has to offer with its 18,000 lumen output. This extremely bright light is perfect for large outdoor areas including mountains, wastelands, and shore sides. It has an extremely far-reaching beam of 1130 meters and the beam itself can cover 16 football fields. This is thanks in part to the six LEDs that the LR80R is equipped with. Between the extremely bright output and the far-reaching beam, the LR80R is the ultimate search and rescue flashlight.

As you can imagine, the LR80R can get extremely hot thanks to that ultra-bright output. With this in mind, this searchlight has a built-in intelligence sensing circuit. So when the lens of the LR80R is close to an illuminated object that's about 60 mm or less away, the flashlight will automatically downshift the brightness level to eco mode to avoid any accidental combustion caused by its high temperature. This will also make it easier on your eyes so you're not shining an extremely bright output at something that will cause light to bounce back right at you.

The LR80R is certainly a large flashlight that's over 10 inches in length and weighs 57.7 ounces. However, Fenix has included everything you need to carry this flashlight more easily like a detachable heavy-duty handle and a shoulder strap.

A Searchlight that’s Built to Last

Just like with any Fenix product, you can expect the best when it comes to durability. The LR80R is built from tough A6061-T6 aluminum with a hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. This flashlight can withstand all kinds of conditions from extreme cold at -35°C to extreme heat at 45°C. It's impact resistant up to 1 meter and waterproof up to IP68 standards. You can use this light in heavy storms without worrying about damage coming to the flashlight.

Rechargeable Fenix Light

Not only can you expect top performance with the LR80R, it's also conveniently rechargeable. It has a 7.2 volt/12,000 milliamp battery and it has 45w USB type-C fast charging. With this extremely fast charge, you can charge the LR80R in only 4 hours. This puts the searchlight on par with a handheld tactical flashlight.

The LR80R searchlight also functions as a USB power bank. This means you can use this light to power up your USB devices if necessary. In an emergency situation, you can see how this feature would come in handy.

Another extremely useful feature of this searchlight is the battery power indicator which is five blue LEDs that are located above the two switches. When five lights are glowing it means the battery level is at 80 to 100%. When four lights are glowing it means the battery level is at 60 to 80%. When three lights are glowing it means the batteries at 40 to 60%. When two are glowing it means the battery is at 20 to 40%, and when one is glowing it means that it is 20% or less and it's time to charge the light. With this extremely accurate battery level indicator, you can plan your usage and know when it's time to charge your flashlight so you're not unprepared.

Operating the Fenix LR80R

Operating the searchlight is a breeze thanks to the two switches. One switch operates the high outputs and the other operates the low outputs. Starting with the switch that operates the high outputs, it operates turbo at 18,000 lumens, high at 12,000 lumens, medium at 6,000 lumens, and low at 3,000 lumens. The switch that operates the low outputs operates high at 1000 lumens, medium at 450 lumens, low at 150 lumens, eco at 50 lumens, strobe at 6,000 lumens SOS at 150 lumens. Between these two switches, you’re covered for pretty much any situation. The low outputs are excellent for indoor exploration if you're in a cave or if you need to use the light in a building. The high outputs are great for outdoor exploration as well as search and rescue.

The LR80R has a lockout mode to prevent the flashlight from turning on accidentally while you're carrying it. To lock it out and unlock it all you need to do is press the two switches at the same time for 3 seconds. Operating this light is simple, intuitive, and tailored for any user.

Between the built-in intelligence sensing circuit to the high output to the recharge function, the LR80R has so much going for it. Thanks to all of these incredible features, the LR80R is certainly one of Fenix's most impressive searchlights. So if you're looking for a search and rescue light or you're just wanting the brightest flashlight, take a look at the Fenix LR80R.