Fenix PD40R Flashlight Review - Daniel M.

Review by Daniel M. on 1 Sep 2021 review stating Is this the Light of Eärendil?

Long ago, I first came across a tale which involved a hobbit and the Light of Eärendil, “a light for when all other lights go out.” Somehow, by industrial magic, Men on Earth have managed to bring into reality this very light in a small handheld rechargeable device. Boasting 3000 lumens, a staggering 40,567 candela, and a run time of over 88 hours, this small device, this Light of Fenix, is the light of Men against the monsters of the shadows that terrify their children in the darkness of night. Fear is obliterated, evil eyes are blinded, and light shines brightly in the darkest places of the world. Bravo, Fenix!