Flashlight with a dual purpose! Your first Fenix infrared LED flashlight!! Plus more!

Fenix TK25 Red Light! Dual Lighting Purpose!

The Fenix TK25Red flashlight features a powerful white light is the brightest red light LED available on Fenix-Store!

The neutral white light from the TK25 flashlight has a 1000 lumen output and a 738 foot throw and can last for up to 2 hours!

Not only that, but the Red LED features the brightest red light output of any Fenix red light. The 310 lumen red light will run for over 2.5 hours and reach a distance of 656 feet! Truly impressive showing from Fenix here!


The items below have been discontinued.


and Fenix responded. We now have an infrared TK25IR flashlight (now discontinued) in our product line, and you will be impressed! Great offer on pre-orders:

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Thank you for trusting the Fenix brand and Fenix Store. Enjoy this glorious Easter weekend.


The Fenix Store Team

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