G700 Flashlight Compared to a Quality Fenix Flashlight

Today we're going to be discussing about a very well known light around the Internet these days. The G700 flashlight compared to Fenix flashlights. Take in consideration that this is our personal opinion of this flashlight, from the research we have done online. By doing a quick search on Amazon for G700 tactical flashlight, you can find many different listings at different price ranges. And the first thing that is concerning is how inexpensive it is. If you're getting a flashlight that supposedly has high military tactical quality and you're only paying $6 for it, then something is wrong there. On the G700 many of the listings advertise the lumen output varies wildly. They range anywhere from a 1000 lumens to 5,000 Lumens.

This is entirely unrealistic for a flashlight in this size range. If you were to take the G700 flashlight compared to a Fenix flashlight, you'd find that that 8,000 lumen output is nowhere near that. That's simply because with the G700 flashlights are not using the ANSI standard. You can expect large companies like Fenix to use the ANSI standard. The ANSI standard allows you to make very easy comparisons between one brand to another. So you always know that the lumen output that is advertised is going to be comparable.

The difference here is that G700 flashlights, have no regulation of the advertised lumen output because they are not using the ANSI standards. So they can really say whatever they want as far a lumen output. You can even see on some of these listings that the title might say 8000 Lumens, but then the description might say 10,000. So you see that there's really no consistency across the board with the G700 compared to a Fenix flashlight.

The G700 is also known as a private label item, which means that it's a generic product that many different companies purchase and put their name on it. This is one of the reasons that you see such a variance in the lumen output and the promises that these listings make. The G700 is made by a single manufacturing company, but all sorts of different distribution companies are buying it and calling it their own. This is another cause for all these inconsistencies.

If you purchase a Fenix flashlight you will know that all Fenix lights are manufactured by Fenix, and that all Fenix flashlights will carry the same ANSI standard across the board to compare to one another and to other reputable flashlight brands. You also will have a much higher output levels compared to the G700 and much better workmanship. Fenix flashlights also offer a better warranty compared to the G700, which again would vary depending on which company you purchased the light from. Some G700 might even advertise no warranty. With Fenix flashlights you will always get a five year warranty.

Another thing that you'll find with the G700 listings on Amazon is that they're often going to come with a lot of accessories. These accessories cause just as much concern as the flashlight itself. You have batteries. If you have a flashlight, battery and battery charger that is being sold for only $7, then the quality of these items is lacking to say the least. And I would absolutely not want to trust the quality of that batteries. Improperly made batteries can be very dangerous, short circuiting causing fires or even explosions at times. One should that's one of the reasons why batteries or something you absolutely.A Fenix batteries are made all by Fenix, constructed under high standards and regulations. All Fenix batteries are safe. We have never once had a case of a fire breaking out from a Fenix battery. There are occasional short circuits from minor defects, but we have never once had any serious trouble with a Fenix battery. When you purchase a G700 you may save some money upfront. However, the flashlight that you receive will more than likely not meet your standards.

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