Introducing the Fenix TK32 LED Hunting Light

Introducing the TK32. Built Tough for Tough Conditions.

Fenix TK32 multicolored flashlight for hunting

Searching for a multipurpose LED flashlight that packs a real punch? Have you been waiting for a hunting flashlight with built-in colored LED no filters required? Then, look no further than our new Fenix TK32 LED Hunting Light! It’s a true powerhouse with an extended beam of over 1385 feet. It is the perfect torch for hunting, tracking, or any low-light condition. Built tough with aircraft-grade aluminum for harsh environments, you won’t find a better flashlight for all of your lighting needs.

Great Things Come in Small Packages:

fenix tk32 hunting flashlight specs

With the enlarged reflector and Cree XM-L2 (U2) LED, this palm-sized flashlight provides a beam extending a maximum of 1385 feet with only one 18650 battery. The TK32 also has four intensity levels (from 8 to 1000 Lumens), giving users the chance to control the amount of illumination for every situation. And with the Intelligent Memory Circuit feature, TK32 will automatically reset to the last brightness setting when it’s turned on.

Features Galore:

Loaded with special features, the TK32 is anything but a basic flashlight. It’s waterproof, lasting for up to 30 minutes in 2 meters of water. In addition, the flashlight has multiple LED colors (Red and Green) available. Use the TK32 as a red hunting light or a green hunting light, plus a source of white light, all-in-one! The settings makes it perfect for any hunting scenario-from night vision lighting to tracking blood.

fenix tk32 red and green led hunting flashlight

Not only does the white light have multiple settings but the red and the green LED each have two settings of their own! You can choose between 15 and 105 lumens of red light and 30 or 165 lumens of green light! These options allow you to appropriately choose the brightness you need in any given moment. Reduce strain on your eyes and conserve battery life when it doesn't need to be as bright!

Changing the lighting setting is a snap with the dual tail switch. And with the Low-Wattage Warning feature, you’ll always know when your battery is running low.

fenix tk32 dual tail cap; multifunctional tail cap

You can be the first to own this amazing new light when it makes its debut on June 30th. Fenix-Store is currently accepting preorders, where you can save $35.00 off the MSRP. Don’t miss your chance to bring home one of the most powerful flashlights on the market today. Thank you for checking out