Is Fenix a Good Brand?


If you're considering purchasing a Fenix flashlight, you might be wondering if Fenix flashlights are high-quality and long-lasting. You might be having doubts about if it's the right brand for you. I was, too, at first, but after I learned everything about this brand, my mind has changed.

So, let me tell you a bit about this business. Fenix is a flashlight company based in China that began operating in 2004. Fenix has earned a slew of accolades since its launch. Fenix Light Limited creates high-quality flashlights, headlamps, camping lanterns, and accessories.

The business has over 400 staff who work in R&D, engineering, distribution, and brand management. Fenix has entered the global outdoor/military/law enforcement markets, and its products are available in over 100 countries and regions globally.

They produce exclusive products in a company-owned plant in Shenzhen, China, which achieves industry expectations with additional in-house research procedures.

Variety of Fenix Lights

Fenix has a long history of producing high-quality military flashlights. From rechargeable LED flashlights, professional flashlights, general-purpose flashlights, safety flashlights, regular flashlights, and pocket flashlights, Fenix has it all. Fenix also produces flashlights that you can use for a variety of purposes. The great thing about this brand is that not only will you get a Fenix flashlight from them, but you'll also be getting superb service. You can check in with a Fenix expert and support team member with any questions you have.

I learned that they offer the best support team, which is based in the United States. The main goal of their support team is to deliver friendly and efficient customer service, making certain the customer is satisfied. Due to strong customer demand, Fenix delivers high-performing flashlights and fantastic customer support. 

Fenix Classification

Fenix offers a wide range of flashlights, each with its distinct style and function. They currently have several flashlight series on the market that are available all over the world. I’ll cover some of the popular series here so you can see the wide range of lights Fenix has.

Here are a few different classifications of Fenix Lights:

E Series

In general, the E-series is the brand's most inexpensive lights, but rest assured that they are high-quality lights. This series' versions are highly energy-efficient, compact, and lightweight. They’re also very resilient and water-resistant to a depth of 6.6 feet or 2 meters.

One of the most popular E-series lights is the Fenix E35 V3.0. With the help of LED technology, the flashlight produces 3000 lumens. The E35 V3's dazzling beam will light up to 787 feet away. It is an excellent option for campers, hunters, rescue personnel, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The flashlight has many outputs to choose from, as well as high-efficiency circuitry for continuous lighting.

PD Series

The PD series is one of their finest, and each style in it is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. They're thin, lightweight, and highly efficient. Many of them run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or CR123 batteries. For long-lasting, frost-resistant illumination, Fenix uses CR123A battery cells. These models perform well in extreme conditions and can withstand the elements. Each of the PD-series available is impact resistant up to 3.3 feet and waterproof.

The PD35 TAC, which can be used as a tactical or outdoor torch, is the series' star attraction. With its versatility, you can choose between tactical and outdoor modes, picking the mode that suits you at the time. It also operates on rechargeable batteries and delivers 1000 lumens.

Moving onto the Fenix PD36R, this is a rechargeable and high-performance flashlight. Running on a high-capacity 21700 Li-ion battery, this LED rechargeable flashlight produces a cumulative 1600 lumens. The Fenix PD36R is the first product with a 21700 li-ion battery. You can use the flashlight's USB-C port to charge the flashlight's high-capacity 5000 mAh battery.

Finally, the Fenix PD40R V2.0 flashlight is another rechargeable flashlight that runs on a 21700 battery. However, it can also run on an 18650 li-ion battery. This light produces 3000 lumens and is small enough that it’s easy to pocket and carry around.

LD Series

The LD series offers lightweight and high-performance flashlights. Many of the models in this collection are operated using AA or AAA batteries. These batteries are inexpensive and have a longer life than you’d expect.

The LD series flashlights are drop-resistant up to 3.3 feet (1 m) and waterproof to 6.6 feet. You'll find it hard to search for a flashlight that is more reliable, convenient, robust, and waterproof.

TK Series

The TK series is, without a doubt, Fenix's most original series. Each model in the series is designed to endure the harshest conditions. They have been screened for extreme environments and are immensely durable, so their longevity is unquestionable. They have long run times, are waterproof, and are well-made.

The flashlights for this series are designed for use in "extremely complex and intense conditions." They also aim to deliver a directed beam with a broad and far-reaching field of exposure. The TK series flashlight features advancement, making them suitable for "open-air survival and adventure" in extreme circumstances.

The Fenix TK16 V2.0 flashlight is a rugged tactical option. Due to its tactical design and powerful 3100 lumen output, it’s one of the most popular Fenix flashlights in the TK series. Powered by a 21700 Li-ion battery, you’ll see longer runtimes and more brightness with this light.

Elite Series

You may have noticed that most LED flashlights come in black or grey colors. Fenix steps up their game by including a variety of different cerakote designs in their Elite Series. In this series, you’ll find popular Fenix lights with unique designs so that the flashlight stands out among the rest. Some of the lights include the PD40R V2.0, PD35 TAC, and PD36R.

The Best Flashlight Store

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Final Takeaways

I like the Fenix brand flashlights not only because of their design but also because of their durability. Endurance aside, customer support never fails to satisfy its customers which is another reason why Fenix is considered to be the best brand for flashlights. You can choose from their different flashlight selections as well as the accessories and become a happy camper!