NEW - Brightest Fenix Headlamp Now Available!!


*Update: The Fenix HP30R is discontinued. Our brightest headlamp is now the Fenix HP25R V2.0! This impressive headlamp is lightweight and delivers a solid 1600 lumens! This bright headlamp is also USB Type-C rechargeable and runs on a 21700 battery. Not only does it deliver intense power, but it also has great runtimes with a maximum runtime of 400 hours.

The HP25R V2.0 headlamp features a spotlight, floodlight, and red light that you can switch between allowing for maximum versatility. Its 60-degree tilt mechanism can control where the beam points so you have more control of what you want to light up. Finally, this Fenix headlamp has multiple outputs - 5 outputs with the spotlight, 3 outputs with the floodlight, and 2 outputs with the red light. With all these features, the Fenix HP25R V2.0 brightest headlamp has you covered for any adventure.

*Please note the HP30R is discontinued. Peruse more of our Fenix headlamps

Please welcome the newest and greatest from Fenix! The HP30R LED Headlamp is officially released! This monster of a headlamp has a max output of 1750 lumens and reaches almost 663 feet! This HP30R is also rechargeable and has a discharging function to serve as a powerbank! The HP30R has a spotlight as well as a floodlight mode that can be used together or separately and controlled independently! The HP30R has 4 modes in both the spot- and floodlight, plus includes a S.O.S. mode.


  • 1750 lumens
  • Free switching between spot- and floodlight
  • Belt-worn battery case
  • Micro USB charging and USB discharging
  • Battery level indication