New Fenix Tactical Pressure Switches Announced - AER-03 - AER-02!

Fenix Pressure Switches Upgraded!

The Fenix AER-02 and AER-03 are now the AER-02 V2 and AER-03 V2!

Not only that, but the pressure switches are also available bundled with the new ALG-05 Pressure Switch Pincatinny Mount! Get them together to save some money! AER-02 V2 Kit and AER-03 V2 Kit

See the Accessory Compatibility List for full details on all compatible accessories!



The information below is not longer accurate see above for details. 

The Fenix tactical remote pressure switch--AER-03 is released officially now! Dedicated for tactical flashlights!

The Fenix AER-03 & AER-02 are specially designed for Fenix flashlights featuring Dual Layer Body. Momentary-on, constant-on and output selection, also noiseless design with attached Velcro makes it convenient in your tactical missions or hunting.

The key features and benefits of AER-03 & AER-02:

1) Noiseless design

2) Velcro cushion for quick attaching

3) Extendable cable (high resilience cable

AER-02 can work with Fenix PD35TK09, TK15, TK22UC35TK15C and PD35TAC

AER-03 can work with Fenix TK16TK32