ROUND 2 VOTING NOW! Our Annual "Fenix Madness" Tournament Continues

Fenix Maddness


Fenix Madness Continues


The results are in from Round 1 of our Fenix Madness Tournament, and we were surprised on a couple of match ups. We appreciate all who took time to vote last week (and a lot of you did). Now it's time to vote for your Round 2 choices. Let's see if there are any surprises this week.

Do you want some great deals this weekend? How about 30% off all the gear in our "Cool Gear" Category. The titanium gear is ready for your spring adventures. Details below.

Remember, if you ever need assistance in selecting a light, CONTACT US, the Fenix Experts.



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Fenix Store Loyalty Program


Do You Have Unused Lumen Bucks?

1. From the Fenix Store homepage, click on the ORANGE "Fenix Rewards" button in the lower, right-hand corner of the page,.

2. Log into your Fenix Store account.

3. Once logged in, again click on the ORANGE "Fenix Rewards" button in the lower, right-hand corner. There will be a pop-up window which shows you your Lumen Bucks balance (if any), how to redeem your bucks, how to earn more Lumen Bucks, friend referral program, etc. Just scroll through that pop-up for all the information.