Tactical Flashlight Review | Fenix TK16 Tactical Flashlight

Fenix TK16 Review - The Best-Selling Tactical Flashlight Has Been Upgraded to TK16 V2 - 3100 Lumen Self-Defense Flashlight!

See below for details on both the original and the upgraded TK16 V2 flashlights.

Fenix TK16 with one-handed operation and dual tail switch

The Fenix TK16 V2 upgraded Tactical and Self-Defense flashlight brings all the great features from the original but improves upon each of them. First of all, the most obvious improvement is the lumen upgrade, from 1000 lumens all the way up to 3100 lumens! This upgrade is made possible by the newer, more powerful 21700 battery that is used in the TK16 V2. This battery also gives the TK16 V2 it's excellent runtime. A maximum runtime of over 43 hours on the eco setting and a runtime of almost 3 hours on the turbo setting means the Fenix TK16 V2 will be working for you as long as you need it to be! Easily changeable batteries means it will go even longer with a spare. And don't forget! The Fenix TK16 V2 remains the only light available on Fenix-Store.com with a true instant strobe. The dual tail switch allows for immediate activation of the strobe mode so it can be there to protect you the instant that you need it!

Continue reading on to see about the other great features that the Fenix TK16 V2 shares with the original TK16, like a potent strike bezel for self-defense and glass breaking and the instant strobe feature!

Fenix TK16 V2 Tactical Flashlight

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Hello, fellow Fenix fanatics. My name is Logan, and I am a member here at the Fenix store team. And, today, we will be discussing one of the best Fenix flashlights in my opinion. The phenomenal TK16 Fenix Flashlight. So first, we'll be going over the specifications of the Fenix TK16 Flashlight. We'll go over some of its cool features that I think are really awesome and really under appreciated. I think this light is amazing, and a must- have if you're a Fenix fanatic like I am.

Also, I'll be going into some of my personal stories that I've had with this amazing Fenix Flashlight. So, let's go ahead, and we'll just dive right in. Let's go over the specifications of the Fenix TK16 Flashlight.

So, it does have a couple different modes, the Fenix TK16, in terms of output of lumens. So we'll start at the brightest. The turbo output has an lumen count of 1,000 which is amazing. That is super bright. That is incredibly bright. And not only is it bright, but the throw of the beam on the Fenix TK16 Flashlight is absolutely amazing. Once you see it, it really does baffle your mind as to how can something so small, so compact, actually have a long throw, The distance that the beam travels is just truly incredible. That beam distance throw, maximum beam distance throw is 787 feet, or 240 meters. So, in my mind, that is insane, especially for the size of this flashlight.

So, like we said, turbo output is 1,000 lumens and the runtime on turbo is one hour and ten minutes. Now, me personally, I can't think of a reason why you'd have your TK16 on for an hour on turbo. However, it is possible that you can run this flashlight out of 1,000 lumens for over an hour long.

The next mode is the high mode, which has an output of lumens of 400. Now, personally, I don't use turbo mode that often unless I want to just show a friend or family member just how bright the Fenix TK16 flashlight is. Most of the time, personally, I do use this on the high mode, just to kind of ... If I need to walk my dog, my pets, I'm able to use this. It works perfectly for walking animals; it just brightens up the entire street almost. But, that mode function does have a run time of three hours and 25 minutes, which is very long. So, it's very long. If you have rechargeable batteries, you will be able to recharge it in no time, in the time if you absolutely had a dead battery.

The next mode that we have is the mid mode. The mid mode is at 150 lumens with a run time of 10 hours. Now, 150 lumens doesn't sound like a lot. In actuality, though, it is. And, with the focus of this beam, it does throw really far, even on mid mode, for 150 lumens. And it is just a very, very, nice thing to have. It is awesome how bright it is even on mid.

One of the last modes that it does have is the low mode, which is similar to your Eco mode. It's 10 lumens with a run time of 150 hours. So, for instance, if you dropped your keys, you wouldn't necessarily need turbo mode; you could just simply put it on low mode.

The last actual mode that you have on the Fenix TK16 flashlight is the strobe function, and that is at an output of the same as turbo, and 1,000 lumens.

So, overall, those five modes, those five functions for the output of lumens ... This is an awesome light. Just for the sheer size of it, like I've said. It is actually ... has a length of 5.5 inches and a weight of 4.3 ounces. So, less than a pound. I mean, it is just perfect for your everyday carry. I know quite a few law enforcement officers who carry this particular model of Fenix flashlight, the TK16 and they absolutely love it.

One of the things I have been told that they do love, of course, is the dual tail switch. So, on the actual end of the flashlight, opposite of the head, you do have the dual tail switch. So, you do have your primary round button, which is your on and off, but then you also have a tiny smaller button underneath it, which is ... Whenever you click the button on, from then you would click the dual tail switch to go through your modes, or your functions.

So, in turn, to activate the strobe function, you would actually, whenever it's turned on, you would simply click and hold the smaller button, and it would go into your strobe function.

Also, a neat thing, whenever the flashlight is turned off, if you hold down that second, smaller button, it will immediately go into a strobe function for as long as you hold that button down.

Now, another really cool thing besides the dual tail switch on the Fenix TK16, is, of course, the tactical ring. So, primarily what the tactical ring is for is to pretty much balance the flashlight while only using three or four fingers. You're actually able to get full functionality just from three fingers. So, by taking your middle finger and your thumb, and place it on the tactical ring, you can actually use your index to go through the modes: turn it on, turn it off, or simply go into strobe mode by hitting that second smaller button while the flashlight is turned off.

So, another thing to mention about the Fenix TK16 Flashlight is that it does also come with a belt clip along with the tactical ring. So, if you're the type of person that you like to carry your TK16 on your belt, it does come with one right out of the box.

The other couple things that it does come with right out of the box is, you do get a lanyard, a holster, a spare o-ring, which is primarily used on the inside seal where the battery container is. And that's just your water seal, so, if over time, it degraded that o-ring, which is very rare, it does come with a spare o-ring for that reasoning. And, of course, it does have the user manual which walks you through every single thing that you need to know about the TK16, and also your warranty card, which is a great thing to have for all of your Fenix flashlights. It's something very cool that I really admire about Fenix flashlights, is that they have a five year warranty on all, every single one of their flashlights.

One thing to note that the TK16 does not come with, is that it does not come with batteries. Now, the Fenix TK16, you can choose to power it by using two CR123 batteries, or you can actually use an 18650 battery. My personal opinion ... I always use 18650 rechargeable batteries. It's just a higher voltage, you're going to get a longer run time on the higher than you would compared to CR123s.

So, all in all, the Fenix TK16 is a wonderful product. It's an amazing flashlight. I would advise all law enforcement agents ... I mean, it is a wonderful flashlight. I know I've heard a lot of stories about how useful and how easy to use the TK16 flashlight has been while they have been on duty. And for only around $70 you really can't beat that price for the quality of flashlight that you're getting. And also the service and the warranty that you're getting with Fenix themselves.

So whether you're buying this for yourself, or you're buying it for a family member, or maybe you have a friend who's in law enforcement, this is a wonderful flashlight all the way around. And it is highly durable, can survive any terrain, it's a magnificent Fenix product. Like we stated, every Fenix flashlight does have a five-year warranty on it. But also here at the Fenix store, we do have our award-winning customer service, and so if you have any questions about the Fenix TK16 Flashlight, or any of the other Fenix brand flashlights, we are more than happy to help you with any of your concerns, or your questions.

And on top of all these great services that we provide, we also do have an in-house repair center, so if something does go wrong with your flashlight, you can send it to us and not have to worry about shipping it overseas to the manufacturer. We can fix almost any problems that occurs with our Fenix flashlights. So, in conclusion, TK16 Fenix Flashlight: amazing flashlight, amazing gift, people will love you more for it. It is an amazing flashlight. But thank you guys so much. I hope you learned a little bit about the TK16 and always, from your friendly Fenix store team, Illuminate Your Adventure.