Tactical Flashlight Review | Fenix TK65R 3200 Lumen Flashlight

TK65R has been discontinued. See the new favorite for security, the compact LR35R flashlight!

The TK65R flashlight was a very popular unit in its time. The baton-style body made it great for self-defense and the strike bezel on its head was excellent for glass breaking in emergencies. But, all good things must come to an end. The TK65R has been discontinued, and you're probably wondering "what is the best security flashlight from Fenix now that the TK65R is gone?" Well, in its absence, a new top security flashlight has been chosen: The LR35R.

The Fenix LR35R is different than the TK65R in many ways, the most obvious of which is the body design. The LR35R rechargeable flashlight is much shorter than the TK65R was and it features a rectangular body instead of a cylindrical one. Now you may wonder why the LR35R is the best flashlight for security work considering that it is so different from the previous favorite. The answer is that the LR35R has many features that, while different from the TK65R flashlight, still make it a great choice for such an important job.


The first reason that the LR35R is a great security light is really two reasons: it is a small but super bright LED flashlight. The LR35R is only 5.5 inches but achieves an amazing 10,000 lumens. Never before have we seen so much output from such a small flashlight! It is truly incredible!

The second reason is the awesome wide beam angle. The 90 degree beam angle will spread that light all over your patrol area. See every corner at once with the LR35R!

In addition to these great features, you'll also get USB Type-C fast charging and 2 included rechargeable 21700 batteries.


Purchase the Fenix TK65R Here (Discontined: View our other high-lumen lights)

Hello, and welcome to a special two-part discussion of the Fenix TK65R, the best light for use by security personnel. I'm Jacob and let's get started. The Fenix TK65R is a brand new rechargeable LED flashlight from Fenix that is now available here on fenix-store.com. The light has a very impressive 3200 lumen maximum output and a 1200 foot throw. The light features a micro-USB fast charging port with an interior waterproofing design, and a lockout function, as well as the specialized catapult action belt clip that allows you to hold the light on your belt and easily access it with the press of a button. The reason that this light, the Fenix TK65R, would very much be considered very possibly the best flashlight for use by security personnel is because of its size, the general shape, the brightness, and of course the belt clip which is a very unique design, one that we've never seen before on any other flashlights and one that is really going to be great I think.




Hello everyone. This is John. Today I'm going to go over part two of why the Fenix TK65R is the best flashlight for security personnel. One of the main reasons why this TK65R is perfect for security and other personnel would be the super high 3,200 lumens, that also comes with its own catapult action belt clip. It's perfect for having on the belt along with all the other items included on a duty belt. You can quickly access this flashlight, there'll essentially be a spotlight in the palm of your hands.