The Best Helmet Lights You Can Get in 2023

Cycling at night without one of the best helmet lights puts you at a greater risk of experiencing an accident or injury. Illuminating your path after dark is key to keeping yourself and others out of danger.

The helmet lights are valuable accessories that provide hands-free illumination, allowing you to safely enjoy your activity. Remain safe and seen in low-visibility conditions and stay protected with one of the best helmet lights.

Key Takeaways

- The best helmet lights are ideal for cyclists, construction, industrial workers and fire fighters
- Access to reliable light after dark reduces the risk of accident and injury to yourself and those around you
- Helmet lights allow you to increase visibility and riding time while clearly illuminating the road ahead

Strong, versatile helmet mounts and hooks allow you to easily wear one of the best helmet lights and prioritize your safety after dark.

Why Use a Helmet Light?

Cycling on mountain trails or dark roads at night can not only be a challenge, but also dangerous. Although not required by law, accessories like helmet lights can greatly both improve safety and your riding experience.

Helmet lights are also ideal for construction, industrial workers and fire fighters. Wearing a helmet light helps ensure the protection of you and others in your surroundings.

As one of the most popular pieces of safety gear, helmet lights can be easily mounted to your helmet to increase visibility and help prevent accidents. Illuminating your path with hands-free light is practical, convenient and smart for prioritizing your safety.

Whether you’re cycling a country road in the early morning or working construction late at night, the best helmet lights allow you to focus on your task at hand without worrying about the high risk of an accident.

The Best Helmet Lights

High-quality products constructed from durable materials make long lasting accessories. One of the best helmet lights will keep you safe while performing after dark activities for years to come.

BC21R V3.0

Fenix BC21R V3 Bicycle Flashlight

Fenix’s BC21R V3.0 is a compact, lightweight bike light with an impressive 1200 lumen output. With access to 4 output levels and a rechargeable battery, the BC21R offers powerful, long-lasting light.


This unit is also extremely durable with its tough aluminum body and IP68 waterproof standard. This means the BC21R V3.0 can withstand submersion in up to 2 meters of water for up to 30 minutes and it will still shine bright after you retrieve it.

Use this unit as a bike light attached to your handlebars or mount it onto your helmet with Fenix’s ALD-08 helmet attachment. This way, you’ll have access to more light for a safer, more secure ride.


Fenix’s BC30R offers a maximum output of 1800 lumens and features a dual distance beam system for ultimate illumination. This unit’s compact body contains built-in rechargeable batteries and full-metal housing for impressive dissipation.

Fenix BC30R


Similar to the BC21R V3.0, this unit can be paired with Fenix’s ALD-08 attachment to be converted from a bike light to helmet light. The ALD-08 features a secure attachment that helps shine stable light on any after-dark task.


Fenix HM60R

As one of the most innovative headlamps, Fenix’s HM60R is powered by one 18650 battery that offers up to 54 hours of outstanding runtime. This unit is capable of up to a 1200 lumen output, has several light modes and features a dual distance beam for incredible light.

Secure the HM60R to your helmet with Fenix’s ALG-03 helmet attachment for stable light on your next night ride. Made from durable nylon and easy to assemble, this attachment allows for adjustment of angles making it a great tool for industrial work as well.


Fenix HM65R

The HM65R Headlamp offers access to a 1400 lumen output, IP68 waterproof rating and several light modes. This unit is also made from ultra lightweight magnesium, making it both durable and almost undetectable when attached to a helmet.


Wear the HM65R headlamp on your next night fishing trip or use Fenix’s ALD-02 hook set to secure this unit to your helmet. This hook set is made from environmentally friendly PC material and is specifically designed to prevent your headlamp from slipping and sliding during wear for ultimate utility and performance.

Benefits of Helmet Lights

For any physical activity at night, access to reliable light reduces the risk of accident and injury. One of the best helmet lights will allow you to benefit from the following features.

Increased Riding Time

Wearing a helmet light provides peace of mind that you’re protecting both yourself and those around you. Being able to practice safe riding habits after sundown allows cyclists to increase their riding time. Don't let the dark cut your ride short and wear a helmet light so you can continue your ride.

Illuminate Your Path

With a helmet light, you can navigate any terrain safety without fear of an accident caused by a poorly lit path. With a helmet light, illumination will move with you and point in the same direction as your head. Increase safety and security by clearly illuminating the path in front of you.

Enhanced Visibility

Helmet lights make you visible to others in the dark and enhance the protection of yourself and those around you. Vehicles and pedestrians will be able to see you, even in poorly lit areas. Cyclists are easy to miss while driving at night and wearing a bike helmet will increase visibility.

LED Technology

The best helmet lights use LED bulbs and provide access to multiple light settings. Multiple light settings allow you to adjust the brightness of your unit.

Low light modes use less battery power while still providing ample light to illuminate your path and increase visibility. Maximizing your battery life is key to keeping yourself safe while performing activities outdoors at night.

Fenix Helmet Lights for Every Adventure

Remaining visible in the dark with one of the best helmet lights will enhance both your safety and the quality of your experience. Regardless of your helmet light’s use, Fenix has a high-quality, durable unit to offer.

Learn more ways to illuminate your path and stay safe while navigating nighttime terrain by visiting Fenix today.