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Children are always naturally curious; they like playing with different toys, and even a flashlight may be amusing to them. Since there are many flashlight series on the market, finding the best one may sometimes be overwhelming.

Good thing you’ve found the right spot if you're searching for the best lights for kids! Flashlights are great for camping and anyone who camps, kids included, should have one. Flashlights can especially help children who are afraid of the dark or are nervous about sleeping outside at night. Plus flashlights can just be fun!

Factors To Consider When Buying A Flashlight For Kids

Fenix flashlights for kids

This section highlights the essential characteristics you should think about when buying your kid a flashlight. Many types of torches are suitable for different age groups. So, let’s get into the additional specifics.


Before selecting a kid’s flashlight, this aspect is important to consider to avoid wasting your money. For example, if you purchase a torch intended for an adult, it won't be very helpful for a kid. You want a flashlight that’s small enough to fit your child’s hands comfortably and isn’t too cumbersome for them to carry around. You may also consider how easy the user interface is. A more complicated user interface may be a problem for a kid.


Ask yourself where, when, and to what end you will utilize the flashlight. For example, various types of flashlights are deemed suitable for camping goals. So consider if you intend to use it inside or outdoors before purchasing a product. Also, check the material the flashlight is made from.


Durability is also essential in choosing your kid’s flashlight. You will find several powerful and water-resistant torches on the market, especially at Fenix Store. Your kid may toss the torch on the floor or accidentally drop it, so make sure that you choose a sturdy flashlight.


Every time you go shopping, you have to consider your budget and the same applies to flashlights. When searching for a flashlight, be careful to steer clear of the cheap options that will break in a month or so. Instead, find reliable brands and manufacturers so you know your flashlight will last. Even high-end flashlight stores like Fenix-Store will have budget-friendly flashlights!

Find The Best Lights For Kids

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The search for Fenix's top kid’s flashlight may be daunting because of the quantity of Fenix goods. The reason I made this guide is to help you find the finest Fenix flashlights for kids. So let’s get started in figuring out which light fits your requirements best.

Moreover, after reading this article, you can visit Fenix Store to explore additional choices. But let me share with you the high-end children's torches for now.

Fenix E01 V2.0

The Fenix E01 V2.0 is packaged as an ultra-compact keychain torch with 100 lumens peak output. A single AAA battery powers the CREE XP-G2 S3 LED in the Fenix E01 V2.0. It has three outputs and has a rotary switch that makes it an easy-to-use amazing light.

In addition, its CNC machined body is fitted with a sturdy keyring in the back for easy transport. Take note; it's available for your kid in both black and blue colors.

The IP68 waterproof certification and the non-standby current are other important characteristics of the Fenix E01 V.20. You may keep the AAA battery inside the torch without worrying about the battery draining.

A Fenix E01 V.20 is an outstanding present for anyone searching for a small and easy-to-use flashlight, making it ideal for your children!

Fenix CL09

The Fenix CL09 is a small yet strong mini lantern. It effectively provides improved color rendering with its neutral white.

In addition, the Fenix CL09 includes red and green multifunctional lights that serve as signal lights. Plus, it maxes out at 200 lumens so it shouldn’t get too hot or too bright.

The Fenix CL09 light is the ideal solution for camping and walking because it is powered by a single 16340 battery or a CR123A battery. So, it is one of the best kid flashlights for camping.

The Fenix HL15

The Fenix HL15 is the first child-friendly Fenix headlamp. Take note; it has 200 lumens and is available in three distinct colors.

Furthermore, it is packaged as a special outdoor headlight for children and parents. Extremely lightweight, the HL15 is convenient to carry with you and is easy for children to use.

The headlight produces three distinct power levels, which may provide over 60 hours of illumination. Also, it’s powered by two AA batteries which are easy to find and replace.

It has a neutral white LED for color rendering, making it superior. Furthermore, it features a red light and a red blink mode, making the Fenix HL15 an excellent lamp for outdoor activities.

Fenix LD15R

The Fenix LD15R USB Right Angle Flashlight is convenient for any scenario. It has both red and white outputs and is powered by a 16340 lithium-ion rechargeable battery. In addition, it is also compatible with a CR123A cold-resistant battery.

This right-angled flashlight has a maximum output of 500 lumens. Plus, the distance of the full beam is 278.9 feet/85 meters.

Furthermore, this kid flashlight features three red and four white lights. It also has a micro USB charge, an indicator of battery level, a two-way body clip, and a magnetic tail.

With all these features, the Fenix LD15R is suitable for maintenance, outdoor operations, and everyday usage. So, you don't have to worry about giving it to your children when they go camping!

Final Takeaway

Hopefully, after reading this you’re more confident in picking a kid’s flashlight. We created this guide to assist you in narrowing down your choices and picking the best kid’s lights available.

Finally, Fenix provides not only amazing lighting but also excellent customer service. So keep these considerations in mind when shopping for a light for your kid to get the best option.

Don’t forget to visit Fenix Flashlights for more information! 


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