The Best LED Flashlights (2018)

What do you think is our most popular LED flashlight? Today we'll be discussing some of our more popular LED flashlights, including the Fenix UC35 and the Fenix TK72R. First let's cover the current most popular LED Flashlight, this would be the Fenix UC35 LED flashlight. This is a 1000 lumen upgrade to the previous UC35. This one is more commonly known as the UC35 V2.0. This LED flashlight has a built in charging functionality, utilizing a micro USB cable to charge the battery.

The UC35 LED flashlight has a 1000 lumen maximum output with five different brightness levels, which includes a strobe feature. One of the best things about this LED flashlight is that it does comes not only with a 18650 battery, but also the charging cable is included. This means that with one single purchase, you will have everything that you need to run the UC35 LED flashlight.

The biggest upgrade about the UC35 LED Flashlight is the redesign of the body. The LED flashlight is about 1 and a half inch shorter than the older version of the UC35 LED flashlight. This makes it a lot more convenient for using this LED flashlight with your EDC loadout bag. It also features and improved charging function where you, all you have to do is just plug the USB cable in and it will immediately begin charging. So it's a little more convenient, a little bit smaller, little bit brighter, and a lot more sleek. The body design is a much more modern design with a battery level indicator that you can see next to the really very impressive side switch. Overall this is just a very well designed LED Flashlight.

Another LED flashlight upgrade that we have had this year is the PD35 V2.0 LED Flashlight. Now this light is a similar upgrade to the Fenix UC35 LED Flashlight in that it does feature a small increase of Lumens to 1000 lumens and it upgrade to a much more sleek and modern body design.

The biggest difference between these two LED flashlights is that the PD35 does not feature the charging functionality and it also will not come with a battery. So this makes it a little bit cheaper if you're just looking in to get into the realm of buying a high end LED flashlight and you don't really want to spend a ton of money. So you can buy the cheaper PD35 LED Flashlight and then use some inexpensive but disposable CR123 batteries until you're ready to take the plunge. And, uh, by those, uh, by the rechargeable battery and a charger with it. Or if you are ready to really make that commitment to a really great led flashlight, you can go for the UC 35 and a just pay a little bit more upfront that you get that led.

The next flashlight I'd like to cover is our newest LED Flashlight. This is the Fenix TK72R. This is truly an impressive LED Flashlight in many regards. It features an incredible 9,000 lumen maximum output. The TK72R is absolutely the brightest LED flashlight that Fenix store has to offer at this time. This LED Flashlight features an amazing flood and will really fill a space very effectively, especially at that 9,000 lumen output level. The one downside of this LED Flashlight is that is there is not much throw distance with this flashlight. Not the greatest for search and rescue, but it is a good one for security or just search for surveying a larger area of land.

The TK72R LED flashlight does feature three CREE LEDs with an orange peel reflector. With this LED Flashlight you can access any brightness level in increments of 100 lumens between 100 lumens and 9,000 lumens.

You can really get some impressive run times, especially when using it on these low settings. Even more so, depending on the situation, many times you will find that you don't need much more than 400 lumens.

These are just a few of the Great and Best LED flashlights that we have available at