The Best Solar Garden Lights in 2022

solar garden lights

The best solar garden lights can transform your backyard patio into an outdoor oasis. Whether you’re looking to illuminate the path to your hot tub or stop intruders in their tracks, solar lights will do the trick.

But with so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which ones are best suited for your needs. We’ve selected solar lights appropriate for every backyard, lifestyle and budget. 

Quick Takeaways

60% of all convicted home intruders said that a well-lit exterior deterred them from burglarizing that specific home
- The best solar lights provide consistent, durable, motion detecting and long-lasting illumination
- Your solar garden light’s PV panel absorbs natural sunlight and transforms it into electrical energy, which is either used immediately or preserved for later use 

Turn your house into a home and spruce up your space  with the best solar garden lights of 2022. 

Solar Lights 101 

Solar power garden lights are a great way to implement renewable energy into your lifestyle. These lights use solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity, which is then stored for use later on.

Not only are solar power lights practical and sustainable, but they’ll also stop your electric bill from rising after installing outdoor lighting. In addition to saving money, you’ll also benefit from increased aesthetics and security.

Garden lights provide an appealing pop of illumination without wires and extension cords, ultimately creating a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Outdoor solar lights also make for great security lighting due to their:

- Consistency
- Long runtime
- Durable LED bulbs
- Motion-sensing ability 

The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of North Carolina found that approximately 60% of all convicted home intruders said that a well-lit exterior deterred them from burglarizing that specific home.

Installing solar landscape lighting with consistent power and reliable runtimes is a great way to enhance your home security. 

What Makes Them Work? 

Solar light technology has made it possible for almost anyone to benefit from all that solar energy has to offer. These energy saving lights are made up of four main components: 

- Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel
- Battery
- LED Bulb
- Control Board 

solar garden lights

Image Source: Batteries Plus

When the sun is out, your light’s solar PV panel absorbs its light and transforms it into electrical energy. The energy is either used immediately or stored in its battery for later use.

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bulb is very durable and minimizes the amount of energy needed to produce light. The unit’s control board is responsible for circulating the energy throughout your lighting system and emitting light when it is needed. 

What To Consider 

There’s a number of considerations to weigh in on when you’re choosing the right solar powered garden lights for your space. Keep the following factors in mind to find the best lighting solution for you.


Pay attention to the number of lumens your options have to understand how much light they can produce. When it comes to solar garden lights, the number of lumens will fall between 10 and 2000, depending on the light’s design and purpose. 

Keep in mind that a standard lightbulb has around 800 lumens and use this number as a guide to determine your individual needs.


Most solar lights are powered by a solar panel that recharges a lithium-ion battery pack. When you’re shopping for lights, remember that they need to be placed in direct sunlight to fill the battery bank.

If you’re looking for lighting to place in a shaded area, look for lights with detachable solar panels that can be temporarily moved to a spot with direct sunlight. 


As a shopper, you want to invest in durable lighting. Outdoor solar lights must be built with quality materials to endure humidity, water and heat. 

Plastic-made products are ideal, but many manufacturers use a combination of both plastics and metal alloys. Keep in mind that the more metal present on your lights, the more likely you are to experience rust formation.

Best Solar Garden Lights

After determining which qualities will benefit your outdoor space most, seek out your priorities in the best solar garden lights included below. 

AloftSun Solar Motion Sensor Lights

AloftSun Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Image Source: Amazon [affiliate link]

These outdoor solar lights are durable, simple to install and bright enough to illuminate the pages of your current read. With the ability to detect motion from as far as 33 feet, you won’t have to worry about these lights keeping up with movement.

Simple to assemble with just two pieces, the AloftSun Solar Motion Sensor Lights can be staked into the ground or mounted onto the wall with hardware included. 

Better Homes & Gardens Satin Sconce Solar Lamp 

Better Homes & Gardens Satin Sconce Solar Lamp

Image Source: Walmart

This satin sconce solar lamp is an affordable way to brighten any doorway. Simple yet stylish, this aluminum sconce has proven its durability with waterproofing and weather-resistant features.

The Better Homes & Gardens Lamp must be switched on and off manually, working just like a traditional porch light. Taking just 10 minutes to install, this set is a great way to save both energy and dollars. 

Hampton Bay Solar Landscape Path Lights 

Hampton Bay Solar Landscape Path Lights

Image Source: Home Depot

Solar path lights are the perfect way to illuminate a walkway or driveway without having to worry about outlets and extension cords. This Hampton Bay 10-pack is aesthetically pleasing, durable and bright enough to read under. 

Made from aluminum, glass and plastic, these lights will hold up well after being exposed to water, cold and hot temperatures. 

Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights

Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights

Image Source: Amazon [affiliate link]

Illuminating a large space or focal point is easy with Vont LED Solar Lights. Free of cords and wires, these are simple to assemble and install with sturdy steaks and included hardware for mounting. 

With automatic on and off ability, two brightness settings and weather resistant design, the Vont LED Outdoor Solar Lights are a great option if you’re looking for durability and easy installation. 

Brightech Solar LED String Lights 

Brightech Solar LED String Lights

Image Source: Amazon [affiliate link]

With zero electricity required, you can aesthetically illuminate your outdoor space with these 27-ft long string lights. Simply stake the solar panel into the ground or clip it to a nearby surface and hang your lights in their designated space.

Brightech’s shatterproof Edison-style bulbs make a great addition to every outdoor space, while providing durable, long-lasting illumination.

Illuminate Your Space 

With the best solar garden lights of 2022, you’ll benefit from a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere and energy saving security. Outdoor lighting powered by natural light promotes a safe and sustainable space for you and your loved ones. 

Solar garden lights aren’t the only way to illuminate your surroundings after dark. Learn more about staying safe outdoors with high quality lighting at today.

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