The Fenix CL23 compact camping lantern

The brilliant and amazing Fenix CL23 camping lantern has arrived at What makes this camping lantern so special? One of the unique features of the CL23 is the dual lighting sources. The CL23 can also be powered by just 1, 2, or 3 AA batteries in emergency situations. This compact and stylish new lantern is about 5½ inches long, just under 3 inches wide. The CL23 only weighs about 10 ounces. It actually comes into color choices, vibrant red or fresh green. As we had mentioned before the innovative feature on the CL23 is the multidirectional dual lighting sources, meaning not only does it shine outward like a true lantern, but it also has a downward facing white output the bottom that actually has 2 different settings. The downward light reaches both 2 lumens and 25 lumens. The Fenix CL23 also has a hanging loop on top as well as a tripod socket on bottom for mounting at a campsite. The bottom lighting source and hanging loop ae ideal for using your lantern in the tent.

The Fenix CL23 has a 1 switch control for easy and fast operation. It is also IP66 rated for waterproof protection, making it fully protected, protected against dust and foreign objects while at the same time with hand withstanding heavy rain and splashing. Let’s go over the output settings. So here's what the compact CL23 lantern can do, first one the low setting it has an output of 40 lumens and a run time of 45 hours. The next step from there is the medium setting at 150 lumens for 13 hours of run time. And finally at the highest setting at 300 lumens for 7½ hours.

The downward facing light is going to be 2 Lumens on the first setting for 350 hours on the first setting has a runtime of 350 lumen. The next downward light options is 25 Lumens with a runtime of 80 hours.

The CL23 is a great lighting options for camping out in the wilderness. People will love it and it will make excellent gifts during Christmas time. Purchase your CL23 today, you won’t regret it.