Top 5 EDC Flashlights from Fenix

Personally, an EDC light is one of the most valuable pieces of my everyday life. Coming home at night and fumbling in the dark looking for my keys is a hassle. An EDC flashlight is an essential component of our everyday lives because we can use it anytime we need it. Moonlight doesn’t cut it and more often than not, we need light so it just makes sense to carry a light with you.

Compared to the larger flashlights, more compact models fit comfortably in your purse for daily use. Lights can be small enough to fit in your pocket or purse or even put on a keychain for everyday use. I love carrying an EDC flashlight around since it helps me lighten up my surroundings when it's dark.

You might probably wonder, what does EDC stand for? EDC stands for everyday carry so an edc flashlight is an everyday carry flashlight. These are small flashlights that can fit your purse or pocket or on a keychain. With the portability of pocket-sized flashlights, an EDC light delivers the strength and versatility you need to get out of the dark.

Selection Criteria

If you’re buying one of the EDC flashlights in the market, you need to consider what features you need. Some factors you need to consider are the size, the performance of your EDC flashlight, brand, power source, and cost. To explain it all in detail I created the guide below to help you sort out what best fits your needs.


For anyone who’s buying or replacing an EDC flashlight, make sure it's small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. The most critical factors are portability and accessibility. It will help if you look for an EDC flashlight that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so it’s easy and quick to use.

The output and throw of light are determined mainly by its size, with larger lights dominating smaller ones. Finding the right combination of size and efficiency for your EDC flashlight can take a little more time. However, this guide I created will help you along the way.

Lumen Output

Performance is the next thing to consider when buying an EDC flashlight. When it comes to your EDC flashlight output, there is a wide variety of personal preferences. Think of how you would use your EDC flashlight. If you only need a small amount of light in your daily carry, you certainly don't need 1000 lumens.

A brighter EDC flashlight is only ideal if you're a car mechanic, a police officer, or you want that really bright output. So, how much light output is sufficient? You will need a few hundred lumens for something smaller for most EDC tasks. Consider a 1000 lumen or brighter flashlight if you need to light up a larger area to a greater distance.

Most EDC lights have a wide output range to fit a range of options. It’s up to you to discover what range is most suitable for you whether it’s a 500 lumen light or a 1000 lumen light.

Power Source

If you're new to flashlights, an AA or AAA-powered EDC flashlight is a decent place to start. These flashlights have readily available batteries which need no maintenance.

Built-in rechargeable flashlights are another choice for making your daily life easy, but they typically come with lithium-ion batteries which can require some maintenance. These flashlights are usually recharged using a USB cable and can be charged at home or on the go. You also won't need an additional battery with a rechargeable flashlight, allowing you to keep your gear as light as possible.


The best brand that I can suggest for your EDC Flashlight is Fenix. Fenix offers a variety of small and waterproof EDC flashlights that are ideal for daily use. With too many flashlights to choose from, it can be challenging to know which EDC flashlight is suitable for you. Fenix flashlights come with various features, so it's critical to understand what you're looking for before buying.

Find Out the Best EDC Flashlights

If you’re looking for the best brand when buying an EDC light, I recommend Fenix. You can visit the Fenix Store and find the best EDC Flashlight for your needs. Fenix has a lot of EDC flashlights to offer though. So, to help you sort it out, I listed below the top 5 Fenix EDC Lights and you can go from there.

Fenix UC35 V2.0

The Fenix UC35 V2.0 is a portable flashlight with micro USB charging, a beautiful design, a long-reaching spotlight, and one-handed operation. It has a 1000 lumen output and measures 5.5 inches in length while weighing 3.13 ounces. Meanwhile, the best battery to use here is a single lithium-ion 18650 rechargeable battery.

Fenix E35 V3.0

When it comes to the all-new Fenix E35 V3.0, only two words come to mind: compact and robust. This latest and updated version is just 4.6 inches long and has a cumulative brightness of 3000 Lumens. There is an ARB-L21-5000U 21700 rechargeable battery included when purchasing this light. But take note that it is only compatible with Fenix ARB-L21 21700 rechargeable batteries.

Fenix E30R

The Fenix E30R rechargeable flashlight has a total output of 1600 lumens and is powered by a single 18650 battery. The E30R is fairly new and became extremely popular quickly. This latest Fenix light would almost definitely become a staple of your standard EDC. It measures 3.9 inches and weighs 1.8oz without the battery.

Fenix E28R

This 1500 lumen EDC flashlight can be powered by a single 18650 battery or two CR123 batteries. For its length, it measures 4.29 while weighing 2.33 oz. The E28R is also lightweight in design with a sturdy aluminum frame. It’s also IP68 waterproof and impact resistant, making it a more powerful and durable EDC light.

Fenix E03R

If you aim for a keychain flashlight, this is the best Fenix EDC light for you. This tiny flashlight has a 260-lumen output and a USB Type-C charging port. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and measures 1.8 inches by 0.47 inches.

Final Takeaways

There are many Fenix EDC lights and you might find it hard to choose. That's why I created this guide to narrow down the list to the best EDC flashlights. Lastly, Fenix doesn't only offer amazing flashlights but also excellent service. So keep that in mind while you’re shopping around.